3 Advantages of Remote Video Monitoring

Remote Video Monitoring for public spaces

One day, security technology will advance to the point that it can predict when a crime may occur. Until then, it can still play a major role in crime prevention. Here are three ways that crime may be prevented by remote video monitoring. New York institutions can expect their remote video monitoring service to do the following.

1. Intervene in a Threatening Situation

Before someone commits a crime on a public property, he has to enter the property and reach his targeted area. Often, it’s an area where no security staff is present. Remote video monitoring fills the gap by capturing the presence of the potentially threatening individual, displaying him on the security monitor and allowing onsite administrators to make the decision as to whether they need to intervene. This can all be done while the situation is still threatening, but not yet criminal. That’s bonafide crime prevention.

2. Deter Would-Be Criminals from Acting

In many cases, the very presence of the cameras is a crime prevention tool. As anyone who has seen a “Smile! You’re on camera” sign in public knows, the existence of a monitored camera system can make sure everyone – innocent or not – is on their best behavior. Most criminals do not want to get caught, and would rather not take a chance if they believe their actions are being recorded. And if they do choose to act, their crime will be recorded for law enforcement to see. Those who act after hours are also recorded, and their movement will trigger an audible alarm response. 

3. Send Red Flags to Management

On properties such as schools, hospitals and other large public campuses, a repeat visitor who lacks a real reason to be onsite is a red flag for security. When remote video monitoring helps administrators spot an individual who “just happens” to be on campus repeatedly under suspicious circumstances, they can mediate and determine the best course of action to keep everyone safe. And if an access control system is in place, the response can go one step further by deactivating the entry credential of the visitor.

These crime prevention measures are some of the key advantages of remote video monitoring. New York institutions that need more information should contact POM Technologies for details.

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