3 Advantages of Remote Security Services in New York City

Security specialists hope that one day, security technology will advance to the point that it can predict a crime before it even occurs. Until then, the technology we have now can still play a big role in crime prevention. Remote security services in New York City can do the following:

1. Identify threats

Before committing a crime on a public property, whether that crime is theft, vandalism, or even trespassing, a person must first find a way to physically enter the property. What better place to do that than in an area where live security staff is not present? Remote video monitoring fills this gap by becoming that live security presence, as it can recognize threats quickly and efficiently.

Once the system identifies a potential threat, it displays the area of concern on a security monitor so that a remote agent can decide which course of action to take. This can all be done in seconds before a situation escalates, benefiting everyone involved.

2. Deter and/or respond to threats

In many cases, the presence of security cameras alone is a crime prevention tool. Anyone who has seen a “Smile! You’re on camera!” sign in public knows that the existence of a monitored camera system will help keep people on their best behavior. It isn’t unusual, however, for criminals to act anyway because they are under the impression that no one is actively watching the security cameras, which is oftentimes true.

Intelligent video monitoring solves this issue, as it can detect unwanted activity based on present standards. If unusual activity takes place, a remote specialist takes action. This specialist can trigger an alarm response, which will alert authorities immediately, or use a voice-down speaker to warn criminals that the police are being notified.

3. Manage building access

With remote visitor management, building access can be managed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This works by having an offsite security force open/close doors and monitor entrances and exits, while recording traffic that comes in and out.

This service is very useful on properties such as schools, hospitals and other large public campuses, where a visitor who lacks any real reason to be onsite is a huge red flag for security. Remote visitor management will help administrators spot this type of individual, and then mediate and determine the best course of action to keep everyone safe.

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These crime prevention measures are some of the key advantages of having remote security services in New York City. To learn more or to see remote security in action, check out this video.

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