3 Security Tips for Renting Out Your Facility

Renting Facility Commercial Security

The improvements are done, the permits are secured and the client base is identified. You’re ready to begin renting out your facility for an extra income stream, but there’s one last consideration: security. Have you considered the safety of guests while they occupy your building? What about the protection of your own property?

To fully prepare for renting out your building, you need ample provisions for building security. New York property managers should follow these security tips:

1. Utilize your existing security technology

Most building owners wouldn’t even consider renting out a facility without a surveillance system in place. After all, you are allowing people to occupy your site without your supervision. It’s important to have eyes on all activities.

If you plan to rent out your facility, now is a great time to finally make a surveillance investment. And if you do have a system in place, now is the time to make sure it’s operating properly. The same goes for all other security technologies, including alarm systems, electronic lock systems and more. You can manage and maintain your security system by checking functionalities like camera angles, back-up and timing

On the other hand, you might want a professional to maintain your system for you. If so, consider investing in a security system maintenance plan. An ideal maintenance plan should provide unlimited service visits, priority phone support, ongoing maintenance visits and no-charge repair / replacement of equipment. This will ensure that the health of your system is taken care of on an ongoing basis, which is important if you’ll be allowing outside organizations to use your site. Learn about our system service plan here.

2. Consider expanding on your security technology

If you plan to rent out your facility for years to come, you should consider an upgrade to your existing security systems. An advanced visitor management system, for example, would be valuable if rental events will bring in large groups of people or if the same clients will be renting out the space on a regular basis.

Installing additional cameras will help capture activity in areas that will be busy during rental hours. Additional cameras can also capture activity in areas that are meant to be off limits during rental hours.

You can also incorporate remote video monitoring–a managed service that performs virtual guard tours outside of normal business hours. This is a great option for rental hours, when your usual administration staff isn’t present. Depending on the facility you operate, you could implement this service in a variety of areas: hallways for schools and hospitals, parking lots for hotels, roof decks for commercial buildings, etc.

3. Supplement live security

Depending on the size and resources of your facility, there may only be one or two guards present during rental hours. By supplementing your live security staff with a managed service like remote video monitoring, you can cover more ground. Remote video monitoring technology can detect activity where it shouldn’t be automatically, which gives guards a safe heads up. The larger the property or event, the more this remote service will help.

Advancing New York building security will ensure that your rental events are safe and secure. To learn more, call POM Technologies today.

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