3 Reasons Your School Should Consider Remote Video Monitoring

These days, it’s rare to come across a school without surveillance measures in place. Video surveillance is critical; it frequently prevents crime and provides evidence for investigations or security issues⁠—leading students, teachers and administrators to feel safe and protected at school.

As technology advances over time, security technology evolves with it. For school campus environments throughout New York, New Jersey and beyond, surveillance can now be enhanced with services to increase its effectiveness and protection.

Remote video monitoring is a service that uses intelligent camera analytics to detect activity on school grounds so that remote agents can take appropriate action. Here’s why your school should consider it:

24/7 functionality

Think of remote video monitoring like a 24/7 security guard watching over the property, ready to act if necessary. During the day, the system can alert agents at the remote station if a suspicious event is taking place. An agent can then analyze the situation and act accordingly, whether that involves setting off an alarm or alerting authorities.

The protection extends into the night when no one is present on the property. A campus can even arrange for remote site patrols to monitor different areas of the school at designated times throughout the night.

Proactive protection

Remote video monitoring provides oversight of off-limit areas. For example, all school property is clearly off-limits during the late hours of the night. If someone is loitering or attempting to break in, intelligent camera analytics would detect it.

But unlike stand-alone surveillance cameras, which would only provide useful information after the event, remote video monitoring is proactive. The system would immediately pick up on the activity and alert the remote station, allowing an agent to take action right then and there.


A quality remote video monitoring service is designed to notify whomever deemed appropriate for the situation at hand. In the example above, a school can choose to have the agent set off an alarm, alert authorities, or trigger an email notification to a school official. The school can also choose to have all three actions carried out at once. A school can even choose to use a built-in speaker system for verbal warnings, depending on the severity of the situation.

With the voice-down feature, agents can quickly neutralize an event to save school security staff time and energy. For example, if someone is approaching the campus in a restricted area, a remote agent can give a verbal warning through a speaker that the person is trespassing and the police are being dispatched. More often than not, that person will remove himself or herself from the area.

The service can monitor the facade of the building, the doorways, the gymnasium, the library, or any other designated area of the campus. Administrators should determine how the service can best meet their security goals, and an integrator should determine how to meet those expectations. In any case, the monitoring service should provide a full report of every incident recorded, and all events should be counted and tracked for detailed usage reports.

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