5 Reasons Why Your Company Should Consider Sound Masking

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Sound masking is here, and it’s going mainstream. This noise reduction technology — which uses an ambient background noise that matches the frequency of human speech to conceal sound — is making a splash in corporate communities worldwide because of the advantages it affords. Here are five reasons why your office should consider it:

1. Sound masking literally covers sound.

Architects often use an “ABC” approach when implementing acoustic design – that is, they employ methods that either absorb, block or cover sound. Sound masking equipment fulfills the “c” option by covering distracting noise with background sound that envelopes it. Incredibly, this reduces sound overall rather than multiplying it.

For employers who are concerned about aesthetics, sound masking equipment is virtually undetectable. The small sound masking emitters can be installed in existing office ceiling tiles, placed strategically to provide optimum coverage. They are controlled in the same server room as the company’s computer network, eliminating the need for extra storage space.

2. Sound masking protects workplace privacy. 

Because sound masking is engineered to be the same frequency as that of human speech, it obscures conversations so that people outside the vicinity of the area are unable to decipher what is being said. This protects workplace privacy when confidential information is being shared, whether it’s in conversations between lateral colleagues or managers and their subordinates. Although it doesn’t “cancel out” noise entirely, sound masking makes what’s being said less intelligible to those who are not part of the conversation. It’s a remarkable service that safeguards personal and business information.

3. Sound masking increases environmental comfort. 

In case studies of companies that utilize it, properly implemented sound masking equipment emits sounds that fade into the background, isolating conversations to improve the focus of those having them, and minimize distractions to those who aren’t. Even in the most bustling offices, sound masking can support the goal of providing employees a quiet place to work.

4. Sound masking is better than white noise. 

Is sound masking the same as “white noise”? Not at all. First, the two technologies are different because the curvature of sound varies greatly between them. Second, sound masking is more comfortable to the human ear than white noise is; by some, the experience of hearing sound masking is even described as “pleasant.” While white noise is known for its “air blasting” or “radio static” effect, sound masking rides the wave of the workplace “hum” so that it is barely noticeable. 

5. Sound masking improves productivity.

In organizations that are dependent on telephone sales, collaborative efforts and frequent “huddle” style meetings between teams, the ability to communicate confidentially is critical. Non-sales staff would prefer not to hear the sales calls around them and teams can share their ideas more confidently if others are not listening in. To that end, sound masking can greatly improve productivity in the workplace.

Would sound masking benefit your NYC business?

Sound masking is a service that can significantly improve the workplace environment, and proper integration is key. In order for a sound masking solution to function effectively and serve its purpose, it needs to be properly designed, installed and maintained. To speak with a knowledgeable integrator of sound masking in NYC, contact us today.

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