5 More Ways to Solve School Security Challenges

With open campuses, off-campus lunches and extracurriculars that last into the early evening come new challenges for school security in NYC. Fortunately, the road to a more secure campus is shorter than it seems – provided that schools are willing to make practical changes that are highly cost-effective in the long run. Here are five more ways schools can solve their modern-day security challenges.

1. Review and be willing to update current policy.

As local administrators know, school security is a priority in NYC and the city has its own emergency readiness policy for campuses to follow. This policy includes assigning staff members to the building response team (BRT) and implementing certain general response protocols (GRP) in a school emergency; moreover, the protocols include what actions should be taken in the event of a lockdown. However, many schools have their own supplemental policies as well – and those policies must be reviewed periodically in order to ensure their effectiveness. If it has been a while since your campus has reviewed its supplemental school security protocols, now would be a great time to revisit what is working and what can be improved upon.

2. Replace and upgrade outmoded security tools.

Just as you “can’t teach an old dog new tricks,” you can’t make an outdated security tool meet modern security goals. If a gate has a corroded lock, that’s a security breach that can keep students from exiting safely in an emergency. If intercoms are broken, how will staff communicate? If cameras are installed only in a select few areas, there’s a likelihood that dangerous activity could be missed until it’s too late. While performing a thorough walkthrough of your campus to identify security needs, make note of each outmoded security tool you encounter so that each one can be updated. Locks can be upgraded via retrofitting to wireless systems that are locked and unlocked remotely, and intercoms can be enhanced by a Ruvna, an application that facilitates seamless, simultaneous and real-time communication between staff, administrators and even law enforcement. As for cameras, they should be present throughout every area that receives foot traffic – and, remotely monitored so that not a second of activity is missed.

3. Train staff in new technology.

The aforementioned technology can be invaluable in a school emergency, with one caveat: Administrators and staff must be properly trained in its use. If there is a deficiency in your administration/staff ability to leverage the technology the school has invested in, then security goals may not be achieved according to plan. When investing in new technology for school security, NYC schools should always request training from the security integrators so that administrators and staff alike understand the best practices involved. Only then can true school security be accomplished.

4. Consider managed services.

Live school security guards will always be a valuable piece of the puzzle, as they should be. However, part of their job is maintaining good rapport with students and staff. For that reason, they may require extra support – and that’s where managed services enter the scene. During the beginning and end of the school day, consider providing your live security force with supplemental support via managed services like remote video monitoring and visitor management. We will gladly explain how these services can streamline the jobs of your security guards during a campus security assessment.

5. Connect your security teams.

When a campus brings in an outside vendor to integrate security technology, it is critical that the onsite information technology (IT) team is on board. Make your IT manager part of the walkthrough as you identify together where security deficiencies lie; then, incorporate him into meetings with the integrator so everyone is on the same page throughout the installation and training process. This is crucial in order to ensure existing infrastructure, networking and data systems can provide uninterrupted support of the new technology.

School security challenges are as present in NYC as they are anywhere else in the country – but with the right tools and technology, these challenges are surmountable. To discuss potential solutions to your campus security challenges, contact POM Technologies for a complimentary assessment of your school site.

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