5 Questions to Ask About School Security

School administrators and campus facility managers have a lot to consider when it comes to implementing the best school security practices. No two schools are the same, meaning each school has its own unique security challenges based on factors such as building design, number of students, hours, and so on. Some of the difficult school security decisions, however, can be streamlined by asking a few simple questions:

1. How are we managing the security of ancillary buildings?

This is an important question to ask if a campus has secondary structures located away from the main school building. These structures may be outdoor classrooms, extracurricular program buildings or areas where non-profit groups operate on the campus. In addition to monitoring the main building with surveillance cameras, schools must monitor these ancillary areas as well. During the day, traditional monitoring may suffice, but during after-hours, remote video monitoring is recommended so that secondary buildings don’t become security liabilities.

2. How familiar is the front desk staff with campus visitors?

Administrators rely heavily on the knowledge of those who work in the school’s front office. But human error, however, is always a possibility when it comes to recognizing and/or keeping track of school visitors. Furthermore, what happens when the most reliable front-desk employees are out on vacation or move on to new jobs? All things considered, some kind of a visitor management plan is essential. Fortunately, there is valuable technology for this, such as a visitor management system (VMS) designed to give access to students, staff, authorized family members, and other approved guests.

3. Are we on the same page as law enforcement?

Many schools are unaware of their local law enforcement’s protocol for handling a school emergency. This can be mitigated by contacting the local precinct and requesting information on current school security procedures. The appropriate officers can also advise school administrators on forming a communication protocol for a school emergency – such as a lock-down or evacuation – and schools that utilize their own internal communication system can authorize a law enforcement contact to have access to it when necessary.

4. How effective is our internal communication system? 

Speaking of emergencies, it’s important for schools to have en effective internal communication system that teachers and administrators can use quickly and efficiently. As with any school security concern, there is technology to help. Ruvna, for example, is a school emergency management platform that can be accessed from mobile devices and/or computers to help staff members communicate with each other in an instant, account for every student in the building, and send out emergency alerts.

5. Are we maintaining our school security technology?

Prevention is key when it comes to the health of anything, including a security system. If schools are concerned about system failure, a preventative maintenance plan is the solution. This involves security professionals monitoring the health of a chosen system and recognizing/solving system malfunctions before they become bigger problems. If repair/replace is needed, loaner equipment will be provided, meaning schools won’t have to leave their property and people at risk. Device maintenance reduces unexpected repair costs and ensures there are no cracks in a security system.

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