5 Reasons Hotels Need Remote Video Surveillance

Small to mid-sized hotels with tighter budgets may consider forgoing video surveillance as a security investment, opting instead to rely solely on live security guards. Security integrators caution against that; here are five reasons why.

1. Often, security guards fill multiple roles.

In many establishments, security staff members function as both guard and concierge. Consequently, they are unable to focus on many of the property’s potential danger spots: stairwells, back lots, and afterhours areas including gyms, pools and roof decks. To the avoid liability implications that may follow, hotels need remote video surveillance service that will fill these gaps.

2. Speaking of liability…

There are additional liability concerns involved with high-traffic areas of the hotel. In many hotels, the slickly polished floor of the main lobby is the epicenter of slip and fall legal claims. The outside walkways and parking lots are hotbeds as well – especially if serially litigious guests know there are no cameras present. When New York hotels have remote video surveillance, they can protect themselves against unfounded slip and fall claims with clearly filmed evidence.

3. Criminal activity can be responded to and reduced.

Guests, visitors and even employees who may be inclined to commit theft or a violent act can be immediately deterred by the presence of security cameras. Remote video surveillance is a service that never sleeps; if the security guard’s shift by the pool ends at 5 PM, the service can take over for the evening and step in the moment anything happens. Voicedown capability ensures that criminal behavior is addressed on the spot – and once word gets out that the hotel responds to crime this way, the likelihood of others “trying something” on the property can be greatly reduced.

4. Profitability in foodservice areas can be maintained.

When food and beverage sales are essential to maintaining a healthy bottom line at a hotel, remote video surveillance can prove highly useful. Bar areas can be monitored for possible alcohol theft, register skimming and ticket voiding by employees, while kitchen and dining areas can be monitored for food waste. All of these can assist management in future ongoing record keeping and future business decisions.

5. It’s a critical service in order to stay competitive.

Many times, security is the bottom line when it comes to staying ahead of the competition. It may be possible to survive occasional complaints about rooms or customer service, but security complaints – particularly those involving criminal activity – are difficult to overcome. In an economic climate where a handful of bad online reviews can make or break a hospitality establishment’s profitability, New York hotels need remote video surveillance in order to stay afloat.

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