A Look at Future Tech: How Artificial Intelligence and System Automation Could Impact Security

Artificially intelligent integrated security systems may soon be able to ID and deflect a variety of threats

Right now, AI-based smart home security systems are developing at an exponential rate – and many of these innovations are also making their way into business security systems. Technologies like facial recognition, audio and visual-based threat detection, and AI-based cybersecurity tech could help revolutionize how most businesses keep themselves secure from a variety of threats.

How facial recognition technology can help improve business security

With the latest AI facial-recognition technologies, organizations will be able to catalogue a group of trusted individuals – say, managers, employees, or executives – to allow a camera-based security system to allow them in or out of a building, parking area, room, or floor. This method can be more effective and convenient than keys or security cards, and can easily compartmentalize a building, area, or office into different security levels.

When an unknown face is detected attempting to enter a secured area, the system can notify the security team or other emergency responders. New employees and visitors can be added to a system remotely and can be given a password to say for their first time, upon which the system will archive their face for future reference. Additionally, an AI-based facial recognition system can be specifically programmed to look out for a database of suspicious individuals – such as disgruntled former employees or known criminals – and later help law enforcement and company security staff to identify them.

One somewhat experimental home security system called Flare has already tested many of these features and can determine friend and foe via facial recognition with a high degree of accuracy. Much of this technology is not ready for wide or cost-effective usage, but there’s no reason to believe that it won’t soon find its way into many, if not most, organizational security systems.

Audio-threat detection can help notify security and police about potential break-ins

AI-assisted facial detection could go far in improving an organization’s security, but video isn’t perfect. New AI-based audio threat detection systems can identify and catalogue suspicious noises to detect and prevent potential break-ins – providing an effective backup to visual threat detection systems. Even if an area is extremely dark or cameras aren’t working for some reason, artificially intelligent sound-based warning systems can identify certain noises, such as a window breaking, gunshots, explosions, yelling or screaming, and other sounds that potentially indicate criminal activity.

Integrated AI-based systems could provide a wider look at strengths and vulnerabilities

AI-based tools like facial recognition and audio threat detection are only small pieces of the larger AI security puzzle – and the longer-term application of AI technology will be to provide a seamless, integrated security system.

With today’s technology, most of the security planning process involves determining how to protect an area against a variety of potential threats. But imagine if those potential threats weren’t just guesses – if your entire property had been analyzed systematically to assess the most likely types of crime to occur, and how specifically to prevent them. AI-assisted security systems will soon be able to determine the most likely sources of problems and issue precise countermeasures. This will allow organizations to improve efficiency by following customized suggestions, conduct enhanced planning for contingencies and emergencies, and more effectively monitor employees to ensure their safety.

POM Technologies always keeps our eye on advances in security technology, and its future promise in protecting your organization. It’s also important to recognize that the future is also now: Many recent advances in security tech that seemed like the realm of science fiction are now in widespread usage. From biometric identification and access control, to remote monitoring, advanced motion detection, and intelligent video analytics that use algorithms to alert personnel to threats, a range of current technology can boost your peace of mind.

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