A Security System Upgrade and Service Partner for Brooklyn Academy of Music

Exterior view of the Brooklyn Academy of Music

Brooklyn Academy of Music

Brooklyn Academy of Music, also known as BAM, is a multi-arts center located in the heart of downtown Brooklyn that has been a home to artists and audiences for over 150 years. The performing arts hub has world-renowned programming in theater, dance, music, opera, film, and more at its distinctive, dynamic venues. With hundreds of people present for events, BAM’s priority is to maintain a safe and welcoming environment for guests and staff members alike—an environment that requires a seamless and reliable security system.

The Challenge

Before working with Peace of Mind Technologies (POM), BAM’s team was facing several security system malfunctions. Surveillance cameras were down, access control doors were not working properly, and equipment licenses were long expired, to name a few. To make matters worse, BAM’s outside security provider was unresponsive, leaving the facility and its occupants at risk.

BAM acted immediately by bringing in POM to assess the system. “With cameras down, outdated licensing, and server/panel issues, BAM needed a team willing to work closely with its own to come up with a multi-phase plan that would get the system up-to-par with industry standards as quickly as possible,” said Jonathan Perez, Senior Account Executive at POM. “We were confident we could give them what they needed.”

The Solution

POM performed a full diagnostic of the site’s security integration and discovered several existing technical problems. After working with BAM’s security and IT teams to design a comprehensive, step-by-step timeline to tackle issues one by one, POM got to work. The technicians started by cleaning up core servers, then moved to specific field devices such as cameras, panels, and cables, and finally updated the software licensing and firmware. In under two months, the system was fully functioning and back to providing maximum security for the site.

The Partnership

During the two-month project, BAM’s Security Director Scott Shaw recognized the long-term value in working with a reliable and experienced security integrator. “As someone responsible for maintaining the security of our venues, I seek partnerships that make my job easier. POM’s commitment to our project was never questioned. Instead, it was demonstrated through the team’s willingness to come in and solve problems, which is why we are now a POMAdvantage customer,” he said.

BAM now partners with POM on a multi-year POMAdvantage service plan. It includes 24/7 support from the POM team, preventative maintenance visits twice a year, no-charge repair and replace loaner equipment, and additional service offerings to continually manage and maintain BAM’s security system. Both BAM and POM are confident that this partnership will minimize system downtime and keep BAM’s people and property safe and secure in years to come.

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