Achieve Stronger ROI Through These Security Technologies

The theme of security technology upgrades in the modern security age is doing more with less. This isn’t about machines taking over the world. It’s about streamlining processes and slimming down security staff where necessary.

Rather than remove the human element from your security efforts, give your team better tools to help them know more about your environment and respond faster than ever before.

Below are security technologies that, when paired with trained and knowledgeable security professionals – both internally and remotely – help your facility rise above security challenges and see a higher return on your technology investment.

Future-Proof Security Technologies

  1. Remote Video Monitoring: IP-based technology is on the rise. In the security industry, IP surveillance cameras enhance the way security professionals monitor their sites. These kinds of cameras are often compatible with a range of web browsers and allow you to monitor your site from any browser, whether you’re at home or on the go. The cost savings come from leveraging your current network infrastructure for installation and pairing IP surveillance cameras with offsite eyes through remote video monitoring.
  1. Managed Access Control: A fully managed access control solution helps you save on the cost of ownership for both hardware and software. An offsite security force monitors who comes and goes and when, while the system logs the same information. Instead of printing multiple cards, one card can be printed per person and used to access any building within a multi-building organization operating integrated security technology.
  1. Wireless Locks: Wireless security technology boosts security by remaining operational through power failures and technology downtime. When integrated through a managed access control program, wireless locks strengthen security lock-down procedures through speed and control. Being able to control access to any door at any time across your entire facility is a powerful competitive edge in any security program.
  1. Remote Video Guard Tours: Routine site walks performed by internal security staff are part of the past. Through the right security technology and camera placement, an offsite security team takes the work out of your hands by performing routine tours remotely. A remote security team uses visual verification during threats or breaches and notifies your on-site security professionals to take action. Remote video guard tours is one area where facilities are seeing huge reductions in cost – savings they fold right back into their security budget.
  1. Video Analytics: With highly advanced surveillance technology comes video analytics, increasing the productivity of security teams both on-site and remote. Video analytics use motion detection to track patterns in movement and hone in on what’s truly important, managing specific events rather than all of them. Video analytics add a new flexibility to your security team by allowing them to do more with the information gathered rather than spending time gathering that information.

The Value Of Managed Physical Security Services

The best way to incorporate the above technologies into your current security program is to adopt a scenario-first mentality to security.

When working with the right security technology expert and security systems integrator, you’ll be encouraged to consider the ways in which certain technology is deployed and what that effect has on your staff and security budget. The right partner prepares and educates you on how to implement the technology most effectively within your current security program.

Learn more about how managed security services through remote security management improve your ROI by downloading Remote Monitoring: Why Your Security Force Needs Support below.