How Ruvna Augments School Security and Aids in Accountability

Ruvna’s innovative software helps teachers and administrators keep track of students during emergencies

With 289 school shootings since 2013 and a variety of other emergencies that could pose a risk to students, it’s never been more important for schools to keep track of students during an emergency. Traditional methods – like clipboards and walkie-talkies – are woefully outdated and can waste valuable time in a fast-moving event. Ruvna, a school safety and security technology provider, has created a seamless and integrated system that allows administrators to quickly account for students, visitors, and faculty. Here’s how it works:

Ruvna allows administrators to identify the location of every student

Ruvna enables teachers to check their students in, in real-time, so everyone knows who’s accounted for and who isn’t. Plus, the technology is inherently flexible, allowing additional students that join a classroom to be immediately added to the list, followed by an automatic update to appropriate staff and first responders. The Ruvna master list allows teachers and administrators to quickly identify and search for missing students who could be lost, injured, or otherwise in need of help, reducing the chances that they go unaccounted for over a significant period of time.

Whether administrators need to account for their student body during lockdowns, active shooters, bomb threats, fire evacuations, or other disaster scenarios, Ruvna’s highly-efficient technology allows them to do it quickly and flexibly.

Ruvna allows seamless, simultaneous communication between school staff

During an emergency, administrators can use Ruvna’s messaging function to send a message to the school’s entire staff. Alternatively, a team member can message the school’s administrators to ask a question or inform them of essential information. Efficient communication can save lives – potentially getting students out of harm’s way or enabling faculty to notify law enforcement of critical details, such as the location of a threatening individual or suspicious package.

Ruvna can help schools speed up fire drills by 50%

Fire drills, while necessary, can significantly cut into classroom time – especially when it can take up to an hour or more for some schools to keep track of every student and make sure that each classroom is accounted for. Instead of using old-school methods – like administrators going class to class to physically check teachers and rooms – Ruvna can do everything digitally. In addition, Ruvna’s analytics allow administrators to track and improve on the timing of emergency drills to make sure they are effective.

Ruvna can make an even bigger difference when combined with appropriate access control and remote monitoring services

Ruvna becomes an essential part of a school’s integrated security strategy when it is combined with surveillance cameras, remote monitoring by offsite surveillance professionals, and strong access control technology, infrastructure, and procedures. For example, a school might choose to develop a secured main entrance with a security vestibule coupled with cameras and remote monitoring. When an individual attempts to enter the school, remote staff can check IDs via camera and let approved visitors in – or hold threatening individuals in the vestibule until police or onsite security staff arrive. Once an approved visitor enters the premises, he or she is automatically logged into the Ruvna system.

In addition, security cameras throughout the school can be monitored via a remote service. If remote surveillance personnel spot a potential threat or suspicious activity, administrators are immediately informed, allowing them to put the school on immediate lockdown. From that point, teachers and administrators can use Ruvna to coordinate their response, quickly locating and securing all students. When students are identified as missing by the Ruvna check-in system, the network of cameras and the personnel who monitor them can attempt to locate the student and notify personnel if the individual is or isn’t found.

In essence, Ruvna allows schools to account for students during an emergency in a vastly more efficient way, while integrating with and enhancing a campus’s overall security strategy. This translates into better preparedness and greater peace of mind for students, teachers, parents, and administrators.

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