The Importance of Getting Your Team Trained on Your Technology Systems

How to Create a Unified School Security Solution

As technology systems continually advance and become more complex, having a working knowledge of your facility’s tech is more crucial than ever, both for security and productivity purposes. Your security systems are designed to protect your building or facility from unauthorized access, theft, vandalism, and other potential threats. These systems may include access control, video…

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The Must-Have Elements of a Strong Security System

where is a good outdoor security system?

In the modern world of increasing threats, a robust security system is more than just a preventive measure—it’s a vital need. It acts as a safety net, protecting your assets, data, employees, and ultimately your bottom line. That said, providing adequate protection for your business, facility, school, or venue is a multi-faceted challenge, requiring numerous…

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What is Real-Time AI Threat Detection and How Can it Enhance Your Video Surveillance Systems?

security service plan

The integration of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning into various industries has revolutionized the way we approach problem-solving and decision-making. The security sector in particular is benefitting greatly from AI technology, especially in the area of threat detection. Actuate has developed a real-time AI threat detection software that integrates seamlessly with existing security systems…

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5 Unexpected Benefits of Audio-Visual Integration in the Office

Man texting while working on laptop

Between increased in-office collaborations and the widespread adoption of hybrid work models, audio-visual integration has become an increasingly important part of any modern office environment. When you think of audio-visual integration in the workplace, you might immediately presume (as many people do) that it’s all about conference rooms and presentations. However, there are many other…

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5 Key Advantages of Biometric Security Systems

facial recognition security systems

Biometric security is not a new development–in fact, biometrics have been implemented to strengthen security systems for years. However, with new advances like enhanced sensors and artificial intelligence integration, biometric technology has taken some huge leaps forward in recent years, enabling businesses and institutions alike to provide stronger real-time security for their facilities than ever…

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6 Benefits of Switching to the POMAdvantage Service Plan


Like all technologies, the components that make up commercial security systems will never be 100% flawless. Cameras go down; doors won’t lock; identification badges stop working; the list goes on.  Issues will occur no matter how much money or time you initially invest in designing your security system, but it should be comforting to know…

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5 Things Your Security Service Provider Should Be Doing


With the many security threats that exist today, almost every business and organization should have a system in place for protection. But even with a fully integrated security system, a site is still at risk.  Technology has flaws; there is always the possibility of technological, network and/or other issues leading to system downtime and security…

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Security System Software Updates: Your Questions Answered


You are likely familiar with the following scenario: A little notification pops up on your device telling you that a software update is available and you dismiss it in response. My device is fine, you think to yourself. I don’t need this now, so I’ll just put it off until later. The problem with dismissing…

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