Backing Up Your Security Guards

video monitoring help security guards

“I got your six.” It’s a military expression that means you have someone’s back in a worst-case scenario, and it’s also popular in the law enforcement, emergency response, and security communities. If you operate a property that employs a live security staff, your guards are inevitably at risk. It’s important to assure them that you will have their six in any situation. 

One way to do this is by implementing remote video monitoring. NYC facilities equipped with this valuable managed service can provide security guards with ongoing and reliable backup, whether the location is a school, commercial office building, or other type of property. 

Here are some ways that a remote video monitoring service can support your security guards, both during emergency and non-emergency situations.

Remote video monitoring can be present where your security guards aren’t. 

As is the case with most schools, hospitals, and commercial buildings, many properties have dozens of zones, but less than half a dozen security guards. For these sites, it’s not economically feasible to employ enough guards to cover every area at all times. Fortunately, remote video monitoring can provide a valuable backup. Not only can the service monitor vacant hallways or rooms that don’t have enough activity to require a live guard, but it can also patrol your entire property on a schedule to ensure that each area is covered continuously throughout the day. If unusual activity is detected, your live staff will be notified to take appropriate action. 

It can free their time for important tasks.

More likely than not, your security staff doesn’t just stand around waiting for threat. In a single shift, guards will usually have any number of tasks on the schedule, such as patrolling the property in a vehicle, opening and closing gates, locking down areas when staff goes home, reviewing daily logs, and/or training other security staff.

With remote video monitoring for your NYC property, you can provide your guards with more time for these other aspects of the job. Your guards will remain engaged enough in their daily tasks to complete them efficiently because they’ll have peace of mind that the property is safely covered in the meantime.

It can preserve the ambiance.

Some properties depend on guest experience in order to maintain profitability. A hospitality property, for example, might not want live security staff all over the place because it interferes with the atmosphere guests look forward to enjoying. The same goes for schools, where students might feel uncomfortable and scared seeing a security guard at every turn. For these properties, remote video monitoring is the ideal alternative. You can rest assured that guards are placed where they need to be and a remote service is keeping a watchful eye everywhere else, maintaining your ambiance and keeping building occupants happy. 

It can spring into action when necessary.

During a worst-case scenario, such as a fire, an active shooter, a code red, or another situation where people and property are at risk, remote video monitoring can supplement your existing staff. Remote monitoring has the ability to interfere with a situation in a few different ways, including a voice-down system that deters potential criminals and an emergency notification that alerts authorities in seconds. With this kind of secure backup, security guards can handle these situations more confidently and safely. 

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