Bollards and Building Security

Bollards and Building Security NYC

Short, concrete-filled metallic pillars known as bollards have become useful for a variety of applications over the decades. Rather than functioning merely as markers along the periphery of parking lots, gas pumps, drive-throughs and other outdoor stations, these short poles can serve an important purpose for building security. NYC owners of larger properties can benefit from better building security by placing bollards for the following purposes.

Protection from Vehicles

By installing bollards around the perimeter of the edifice – whether it’s a public services building, hospitality establishment or healthcare facility – management can protect the property from vehicle crashes. And that protection is not only for the building, but also for the pedestrians who occupy it. From people who use wheelchairs, to emergency responders, to guests in the normal flow of entry and exit traffic, present bystanders are at risk of being hit if a vehicle accident were to occur. Having a bollard to interfere with the vehicle dramatically reduces that risk. Some bollards are suitable for school parking lots and other sites where drop-offs and pick-ups are routine. For these applications, you can even use movable bollards for convenience.

Security During Terrorism   

Now that terrorist incidents have occurred in outlying locations, high-profile targets are harder to identify. In a time when any location could be a target, installing bollards is a strategy that can provide better building security. NYC buildings can certainly benefit from the crowd control and vehicle barriers needed to mitigate terrorist events. Bollards can also play a vital role in protection from disgruntled ex-employees, stalkers or anyone else who wishes to cause damage or harm.

Improved Retail Security

From small footprint boutiques to big box warehouse stores, retailers should install bollards in a horizontal pattern across the front of the building  and add another set to border the parking lot. Not only does this protect the building, parking lot and bystanders from vehicle accidents, but it also sends a message to potential lawbreakers that the area is likely under surveillance and has a strong security presence. 

Keep in mind: Bollards don’t have to be unsightly! Some are very attractive, with decorative mounted tops, different color coatings, and other embellishments. To discuss other strategies for building security – including access control, visitor management, video surveillance and other managed services – contact POM Technologies.

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