How Different Commercial Security Systems Can Fit Your Needs

where is the best commercial security system ny?

Managing a business in a city like New York involves many responsibilities—one of which is to fully secure the business and its assets. This is why all businesses, both big and small, should implement an integrated commercial security system in NY. A customized system can improve the prevention of and response to the many safety and security threats that exist today.

Here’s an overview of some core commercial security systems and the problems they solve:

Commercial security systems for NY businesses

Video surveillance

CCTV surveillance gives businesses the ability to monitor and record daily business operations. With it, they can observe customer behavior and employee behavior for their own uses. They can also have video footage to support potential lawsuits or investigations, such as theft or violence.

Remote video monitoring

While CCTV monitors and records for later use, remote video monitoring provides a real-time view of activity. By integrating a surveillance system with remote video monitoring, business managers can view video feeds from the comfort of their own homes. This is useful for managers who travel frequently or work remotely.

In addition, remote monitoring gives businesses assurance that remote agents are available 24/7 to monitor live feeds and handle unwanted activity.

Alarm systems

Businesses can benefit from multiple types of alarms. Examples include a system to detect glass breaking to prevent break-ins, motion sensors for after-hours or restricted areas, and smoke detectors for fire alarms.

Alarms are critical. They alert employees and customers of an imposing threat and provide an immediate notification so that security personnel can act fast.

Access control

There’s no question about the importance of controlling who comes in and out of a business. Access control can prevent unauthorized users from entering, while giving employees and staff members safe and easy access.

where is the best commercial security system ny?

A security system service partner

In conclusion, improving business security comes down to implementing systems that fit your needs. But this is just the first step. The second is to find a partner who will service that system to keep it up-and-running.

At Peace of Mind Technologies, we install commercial security systems for NY businesses. But more importantly, we offer a service plan to make sure our clients get the most out of their security systems. Our POMAdvantage Plan minimizes downtime, reduces unexpected costs, and provides the system support needed for peace of mind. Contact us today for a quote or consultation.