Remote Video Monitoring for Commercial Security Systems in NYC

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Your safety is our top priority and we want you to have 24/7 facility protection. With the right security solutions, you won’t have to worry about the safety of people and property. One of the best solutions is to integrate a remote video monitoring service into your commercial security system in NYC. Learn about this valuable service below:

What is remote video monitoring?

Remote video monitoring uses central station monitoring to watch over a property. With it, built-in camera analytics detect activity and alert remote specialists when unusual activity takes place. As a result, remote agents review live feeds to determine the severity of a situation. Then, they alert you, on-site security personnel or authorities.

Furthermore, they can even use a voice-down speaker system to deter unwanted activity. For instance, if someone were trespassing after-hours, camera analytics would detect it and alert a remote agent. That agent can then warn the person through an on-site speaker. For example, he or she might say, “The police are being dispatched. Please leave the site.” As a result, the person would most likely take of running.

In addition to remote monitoring, you can use remote visitor management to enhance security during business hours. Above all, remote visitor management can:

  • Manage building access 24/7
  • Identify visitors with predetermined lists
  • Open and close doors to permit or restrict access
  • Log information using a digital photo system for employee and visitors

Benefits of remote services

There are many benefits associated with remote services, which include:

  • Security 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Control over many areas at once
  • Support for existing security staff
  • Analytics to detect unusual or unwanted activity
  • Quick alerts to building management or law enforcement
  • Reduced security guard costs
  • Reduced false alarms


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Improve your commercial security system in NYC

In conclusion, you can ensure great facility protection all day, every day with the right service. Remote video monitoring fills the gaps. At POM, we make sure your unique needs are met from the initial design all the way to the services we provide after the install. Contact us today for a free consultation.