A Proactive Approach to Construction Site Theft

construction theft prevention

Back in June of 2017, four men in Tennessee were busted for stealing over $1 million in construction equipment over a ten year period. It was a shocking story—one that makes you wonder how such an operation went on undetected for so long.

The truth is that many construction sites lack adequate security to safeguard equipment. And not only is this equipment relatively easy to steal and sell, but construction grounds in general are often dark and unoccupied outside of work hours. This means that without proper security, a construction site is an ideal target for thieves and those alike.

It’s always a burden to lose property, but construction theft has consequences that go beyond loss. It can have an effect on productivity, budgets and completion dates, which causes a major (and most likely expensive) headache for everyone involved. So what can be done to stop it?

If there’s anything a 10-year construction theft operation proves, it’s that surveillance is critical to construction site security. But even then, stand-alone cameras can only do so much.

To proactively prevent and deter crime, construction sites can turn to remote video monitoring.

What is remote video monitoring and how does it mitigate construction theft?

Remote video monitoring is a solution that employs offsite monitoring to catch and respond to onsite events as they occur. It works by streaming feeds from security cameras to a central station, where live agents monitor events in real time and take action if needed.

With this remotely managed security service, construction sites have a solution that effectively combines video analytics and human intelligence to provide three layers of protection against theft: detection, assessment, and deterrence.


When a thief is in the process of stealing expensive equipment and machinery, every second counts. This is why awareness is the first line of defense against construction theft.

Through the use of intelligent video analytics, remote video monitoring provides perimeter protection to detect activity taking place where or when it shouldn’t be—such as in a restricted section of the site or during the hours of 6 PM to 6 AM.

If the system detects something, it immediately sends an alert to the central station. This timely process leads to quick and effective response.


At the central station, live agents respond to alerts by watching a site’s live camera feed. This gives them the opportunity to assess the situation and determine what course of action to take.

An agent’s course of action primarily depends on what he or she sees. For example, if video footage were to show intruders attempting to steal equipment, the agent would alert the police. If footage were to show kids loitering, the agent might choose to give a verbal warning before calling the police.

Having a live person assess the severity of an event not only helps to identify the nature of a threat, but it also reduces false alarms. And when a live crime is verified as opposed to suspected, police are quicker to respond.


Unlike traditional surveillance cameras, remote video monitoring doesn’t wait for a crime to happen before reacting. Instead, the solution is able to interfere and deter criminals before they can carry out the act.

Agents can send law enforcement to the site, trigger an onsite alarms and flashing lights, and/or give a verbal warning through a voice-down speaker system.

A verbal warning through a speaker is an effective way to prevent a potential threat from escalating. By warning would-be thieves that they are being monitored and recorded and that the police are on the way, agents can send criminals running.

Remote video monitoring for New York and New Jersey construction sites

All construction sites are vulnerable to theft. Construction managers must do everything in their power to minimize criminal activity and its effects on projects.

Remote video monitoring is a solution that can ensure your construction site is no place for thieves. To learn more about the service and how it can secure your next project, contact us today.