Costco NVR vs. Enterprise NVR Solutions

Costco NVR vs Enterprise NVR

In the digital era, the network video recorder (NVR) is an essential component of video surveillance. However, not all NVR solutions are created equally. Some organizations may be drawn to purchasing their video products on the consumer retail market – for example, a big box or club store. Experts caution against relying on these types of resources for video surveillance – or any security technology, for that matter. Why? It comes down to the 3 S’s.


The local Costco tends to keep a handful of NVR surveillance systems in stock. However, the selection doesn’t go much further than that. Shoppers are limited to a narrow range of brands, and the products are often designed for residential applications or small commercial applications at best. An enterprise-level organization requires an enterprise-level NVR solution, and a broad selection so there are multiple options to choose from.


The larger the property, the more cameras the NVR system will need to support. A big box store may offer a system that supports six to eight cameras at the most, but the footprint of the average enterprise facility will need double that. An integrator that specializes in enterprise-level security will have access to all-in-one systems that support anywhere from 16 to 32 cameras, and rackmount systems that support even more. For a large organization, these are much more suitable options.   


In fact, a fourth “s” could be added to this: service. A security integrator specializes in not just the installation of NVR systems, but also their operation and maintenance. Costco may have a “great price” on a system, but the store offers no specialization in the product and no ability to provide service on the system after installation. By contrast, a security integrator will offer packages for maintenance that make operating the system a user-friendly experience and keep the system performing optimally for years to come, in addition to hardware and software warranties. And finally, security integrators are trained to spot vulnerabilities and assist management with addressing them promptly.

These three “s” words are what make enterprise NVR solutions preferable to big box store systems. To learn more about Costco NVR vs. enterprise NVR options in New York, contact POM Technologies.

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