Designing a Remote Video Monitoring Service

Remote video monitoring 3-8-18

When it comes to responding to an emergency, there are many technologies that may be useful. One of the most effective is remote video monitoring. NYC organizations – from hospitality operations to school campuses – can utilize their remote video monitoring service as part of these emergency safety tips.

1. Allow the Service to Intervene

Before someone with malicious intentions acts, he has to succeed at entering the building and bypassing any obstacles to the site where he intends to commit a crime. If he has staked out the location beforehand, he likely knows where the building is vulnerable in terms of security guards. Remote video monitoring minimizes these vulnerabilities; the remote guard patrols the areas of the building where live security can’t be, and alerts security personnel when an emergency happens so they can get to the scene quickly and intervene.

2. Design the Service to De-escalate

As a managed service, remote video monitoring can be customized to the client’s specifications. For example, the client can request a plan that includes the remote guard voicing down to the location of specific types of emergencies. This is one strategy that may potentially de-escalate some emergency situations. The security integrator can discuss various voice down scripts that may be appropriate for a given application or emergency. 

3. Program the Service for Prevention

Of course, the best-case-scenario approach to an emergency is to prevent it from happening in the first place. Because remote video monitoring is an intelligent service that acts as a second set of eyes on the property, this ensures all spots are covered no matter what. In many instances, the presence of surveillance cameras alone is enough to deter potential offenders from acting. Cameras can still be discreet – but by capturing the presence of the suspicious individual and displaying him on the security monitor, the service can help back office security make faster decisions. Hopefully, they can intervene before the situation crosses over the threshold of risky to criminal.

For more safety tips during an emergency or to learn more about remote video monitoring in NYC organizations, contact POM Technologies.

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