Discover the Advantages of Extended Storage for A Security Surveillance System

Video Surveillance and Cloud Storage by POM Tec

7 reasons security videos are safer in the cloud

Storing security video backup on a network video recorder (NVR) or computer hard drive not only quickly consumes an oversized chunk of your bandwidth – but could be putting your business at risk.

Clever hackers can often easily crack weak passwords and infiltrate these systems – and are even able to capture or corrupt video footage as it’s being transferred. At the same time, the conventional storage backup solutions of most security systems will usually only keep video for about 120 days before overwriting it.

That leaves companies vulnerable to lawsuits, like liability claims where the statute of limitations stretches much longer. And too many businesses have lost court cases due to lost surveillance video evidence that would have exonerated them.

For these reasons and more, businesses are embracing video surveillance cloud storage through a reputable security firm as a simple, safe, scalable solution that lets them store data for extended periods of time.

Through cloud storage, a virtually unlimited amount of video footage can be saved to a remote storage system that can be accessed from any Internet connection instead of – or sometimes in addition to – saving files onsite.

7 reasons to choose cloud-based storage

1. Affordable protection. The upfront cost of cloud cameras can run higher than analog ones, causing some people to assume these systems are more expensive. But storing your video in the cloud eliminates the need for a separate NVR or digital video recorder (DVR), lowering your overall costs. Maintenance expenses are also typically less, as there is no onsite equipment that needs updating.


2. Extended storage for less. Cloud storage offers unlimited space to store as much data as you need for as long as you need it, at a cost that is significantly less than continuously purchasing storage devices. You also are never forced to delete data because you have run out of bandwidth or physical space to house the storage devices.


3. Easy access from anywhere. One of the biggest advantages of cloud storage is accessibility. Video surveillance from analog systems is only accessible onsite, which can be a major inconvenience. Cloud storage makes remote and multi-site monitoring a breeze. Business owners can log in by smartphone, tablet, or desktop web browser at any time, from anywhere, to stream live or archived security videos.


4. Flexibility to grow with your company. Cloud-based solutions can be easily scaled as your business grows. No rewiring is necessary to add new users, locations, or cameras to your existing infrastructure.


5. Safe storage. Files stored in reliable cloud services are some of the most secure files you can have, provided you keep credentials like passwords strong. Besides its location in remote, heavily guarded warehouses, data in the cloud is encrypted, making it a laborious – if not downright formidable – challenge for cyber-criminals.


6. Less likely to get damaged. Humidity, temperature – even something as simple as dropping it – can damage physical drives. Since cloud systems do not store videos locally, they remain safe, even if your equipment is damaged or stolen.


7. Business insights. Security solutions are not the only benefits of cloud-based surveillance. Smart searches of video footage make it easy for business owners to monitor their businesses when they aren’t onsite, track employee and customer activities, and spot ways to improve internal processes and increase company performance.

Significant savings and greater capabilities

Video surveillance is a key component of a company’s security system – acting as your eyes and ears throughout your facility. But storing the data these cameras produce can come at a hefty price – and companies may be forced to delete footage they might need later.

Cloud-based storage is an effective way to achieve significant upfront savings and greater storage capabilities for archiving security videos for an extended time. It can also act as an effective backup to onsite solutions, serving as a reliable fail-safe in case the local storage device is damaged or lost.

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