Effective Building Entrance and Exit Security Measures for Any Organization

Combine smart security protocols with traditional and emerging technologies to secure your building’s vulnerable points

Entrances and exits can be the weakest points in an otherwise successful security strategy. No matter how many cameras, motion sensors, and security guards you might have, if you can’t monitor and control who comes and goes from your building, it’s not really secure at all. However, with an intelligent plan, a well-trained staff, and some smart technology choices, you can transform your building’s entrances and exits from the most vulnerable part of your building to the most secure.

Gates, fences, and security vestibules

Basic security infrastructure can strengthen and complement your building entrance and exit protocols. While they might sound simple, gates and fences can do a lot to stop unwanted access to your property – especially if it has lots of outdoor areas or a large parking lot, as many school campuses and large corporate campuses do.

Even if they don’t completely prevent access to the property, gates and fences can act as a powerful deterrent, both by demonstrating that your school or business takes security seriously and signaling to potential criminals or trespassers that it will be more difficult (and time consuming) to escape your property if they are detected.

In addition to gates and fences, an entrance with a manned or remotely monitored security vestibule is a great way to secure entry to a building. If possible, the presence of a single security staff member can make a big difference in deterring unauthorized visitors. And when on-premises security isn’t feasible, there are remote solutions.

Remote access control, remote monitoring, and remote speakers are an efficient option

Often, it isn’t possible to have a manned entrance at all times during business or school hours, and that’s where remote access control comes in. Systems vary widely, with some allowing students or employees to scan an access card for entry, while others involve video systems in which people hold up their identification card to a camera and state their name and reason for entry (if not a regular student or employee) and are granted entrance by either an on-site employee, such as a receptionist, or remote security personnel.

In addition, a vestibule that is remotely monitored via camera and speaker can not only permit access to individuals with proper accreditation, but also hold potential intruders for the authorities, if it becomes necessary.

Surveillance cameras are a security essential for almost any business or school campus, but it can also become prohibitively expensive to have on-site personnel monitoring your video surveillance feeds at all times. It’s often more efficient to hire off-site security contractors for this purpose. Remote monitoring services pair perfectly with another technology – remotely-operated speakers. If remote staff see individuals trespassing on your property, they can use these speakers (known as “camera voice downs”) to order them off the property.

Intelligent video analytics increase effectiveness

On a large business property or school campus, there may be hundreds of security cameras. And even if your organization has the funds to have on-site employees or remote contractors monitor the video feeds 24/7, it can be challenging for human beings to watch intently at all times, take notice of suspicious patterns, and discover potential threats before they can do harm. However, intelligent video software can assist with threat identification, acting as force multiplier that increases the effectiveness of your security staff.

No matter what kind of business, school, organization, or residential property you’re trying to secure, technology is increasingly providing cost-effective solutions that augment the abilities of your security team, giving them (and you) the information you need to keep customers, visitors, employees, residents, and property safe.

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