Enterprise Level Security Solutions for Enterprise Level Applications

“Commercial security” is a term of art that doesn’t necessarily apply to all organizations. What may be regarded as an appropriate electronic security system for a mid-sized business may not be a system that would be appropriate for an enterprise level business or institution. With that in mind, our New York City security company recommends enterprises consider subscription-based security plans. The idea behind a subscription-based security model is to offer services that can be scaled up or down depending on facility size and other needs, with the client paying for these services with one manageable monthly subscription fee.

Security as a Service Solution: What to Look For

The goal of the subscription-based security model is to offer a security as a service solution. Here’s what to look for when choosing one for your enterprise:

1. Streamlining

A good security solution should streamline the commercial security experience by integrating your security services, rather than adding to them. Look for a subscription-based security offer that integrates with your existing systems to make securing the property simpler, and one that can be implemented with no upfront costs. With a true subscription model, the customer should pay monthly.

2. Support

Support from your electronic security provider should be unlimited, with 24/7 response and as many service calls as you need. Speaking of response: Responses from the company should be provided in a period of time that is acceptable to your organization, with no ambiguity about timelines.

3. Servicing

Regular maintenance of the system shouldn’t need to come at an additional charge. With a subscription-based security solution, regular maintenance checks of your system should be included in your plan. And when technology makes advances (as technology often does), then the cost-effectiveness of the system should be continuous thanks to complimentary upgrades that keep the system up to date at no additional cost.

One Security Subscription Plan

One such system is our POM+ Plan. This includes:

· An integrated security system, custom designed to mitigate the unique security risks today’s schools, hospitals and other institutional properties face

· Cloud-based managed monitoring services for your cameras, access control and other security devices, provided 24/7

· “Future proof” technology that keeps your system current (free upgrades)

Again, a subscription-based system should be implemented with no upfront costs to the customer. You pay for your cloud-based security solution on a monthly basis, much like other monthly costs of doing business. The POM+ Plan is designed to be manageable and convenient, and hopefully other subscription-based plans are as well.

For many New York city security company clients, POM+ is the managed security solution they have been waiting for. For questions on subscription-based security plans, contact POM Technologies. We will gladly provide you with more information.

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