Finger on the Pulse

How POM Technologies’ Heartbeat Monitoring delivers better security

There are similarities between protecting your property and safeguarding your health. You want to keep what’s inside in good working order, and you don’t want anything hostile getting in. Technology is at the core of modern security but its reliability isn’t something that can be blindly relied on. In fact, most Americans deal with tech failure twice a day, amounting to over 40,000 malfunctions over a lifetime. If your security is on the line, that’s not a figure to take lightly.

This blog highlights what we call our Heartbeat Monitoring service; a specialized security solution that delivers for your property the same focus and preventative action you’d apply to your own body.

How your current protection can fail

You may be operating under a false sense of security if you’re leaving the safety of people or property up to technology. Even the highest standard of tech is only as reliable as its materials and designers; neither of which is fail safe. As many as 48% of American companies report tech problems every day. While this means downtime and loss of profits for an operation, it can spell disaster on the security front. And beyond any glitches, all the cameras in the world won’t prevent a breach if there isn’t a dedicated staff to monitor them.

It can be easy to lean too much in either direction: the presence of on-site security personnel or an over-reliance on tech to take over the role of physical security staff. In reality, it’s a healthy balance of the latest equipment, hardware and software coupled with the human element of round the clock site monitoring that makes for the best security.

How Heartbeat helps

As the name implies, our monitoring system is a constant operation that works with any networked security component to keep your security flowing day and night. A malfunction in any part of your security model could leave the whole property vulnerable and exposed to intruders and other threats.

Don’t forget the real heart of the matter: the staff and residents who might be using your facility. Night or day, they’re also relying on the existing security system to keep them safe. Heartbeat not only never sleeps but is self-repairing. Via our remote monitoring team, the performance of every security component at your facility is always under our professional surveillance.

Beyond the standard notification to the proper authorities should anything suspicious occur, Heartbeat monitors your devices for performance failures. At the first sign of a problem, our staff arrive at your premises to investigate and repair before a tech failure becomes a security risk.

Just like a heart, your security shouldn’t be static. Our service automatically conducts remote software and firmware upgrades. Through our strategic partnerships with companies such as Microsoft, Dell, and Linksys, we provide a comprehensive range of computer services and equipment.

Don’t neglect your security health

Whatever the state of your current security, a check-up is always wise. Improvement is often possible, which is why we’ve compiled an authoritative whitepaper on how to augment your security strategyFor the most complete solution, we can assess your property and tailor the right security arrangement for your individual circumstances.

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