How to Get the Most Out of Your POM+ Plan

security service plan

The POM+ Plan security as a service allows customers to rethink their security. For one monthly subscription fee, plan users get a turnkey security solution that leaves their safety in capable hands. If you subscribe to the POM+ Plan, you have access to plenty of opportunities to improve your efficiency and your bottom line. Try these strategies to get the most out of your security service plan.

Turn Your Capital Expenses Into Operating Expenses

As a monthly service, the POM+ Plan converts the capital expenses normally spent on hardware and services into ongoing operating expenses. For many SMBs, operating costs are easier to manage than large capital expenses because they involve lower upfront payments. With POM+, you can find new ways to manage your security expenses.

Leverage Our Added Perks

We go beyond basic security when delivering the POM+ Plan to customers. As part of your subscription, you’ll receive added perks like 24/7/365 coverage and monitoring that will protect your facility around the clock. With our team handling more of your security coverage, you can create a more efficient security plan using fewer resources.

Invest Upfront Costs Elsewhere

Since the POM+ involves no upfront costs, you’ll have more money to invest in other aspects of your business. Consider spending it on additional managed security services or another upfront investment.

Get Free System Updates

POM+ Plan subscribers have access to the latest technology and updates at no added cost. We manage updates and technology upgrades on your behalf, and communicate with you about your most recent updates and how to use them effectively.

Access Your Security Services From Anywhere

As one of our managed services, the POM+ Plan features cloud-based remote services to give you ongoing security support. POM+ Plan solutions include access control and remotely monitored cameras that enable you to conduct virtual guard tours and video verification.

Ask Us How We Can Tailor Your Security System to Your Facility

When onboarding a new POM+ Plan customer, we work with them to find the security devices, layout and services that work best for their building. As your facility and operations change, we invite you to get in touch to learn how we can adapt your security system to your new business goals.

Contact Us Any Time for Support

POM+ Plan customers have 24/7 access to our support team for troubleshooting and assistance with security threats, so you can submit a support ticket at any time. We address and resolve 90% of the service calls we receive within 24 hours.

Talk to a Security Expert Today

At Peace of Mind Technologies, we take a small-business approach to customer service using our large-scale resources. This combination allows us to deliver state-of-the-art security technology tailored to your organization’s needs. Our POM+ security as a service¬†empowers businesses to get the security they require at a price they can afford.

To learn more about our services, contact a security specialist today.