Get the Most Out of Your Security Consultation

Get the most out of your security consultation

When it’s time to make electronic security improvements, scheduling an onsite consultation is the first step toward better building security. New York establishments that are ready to get started can use these tips to get the most out of this initial appointment.

Figure out what you need.

Depending on what you need, most professional services will provide a free consultation in order to help managers make informed decisions. However, if you need anything that is outside the scope of a general consultation, such as an extensive site analysis or drawings, it’s important to discuss this with the vendor beforehand. Doing so will get everyone involved on the same page and give both you and your vendor a clear idea of what is expected by the other team. 

Provide helpful information ahead of time.

An experienced security integrator should already have an idea of what a potential client will need by using their existing knowledge of the industry and facility. As a result, there’s a good chance that the integrator already has some suggestions in mind. However, it’s still a good idea to provide as much helpful information as possible ahead of time. This will not only help the vendor understand what you need, but it will help your in-house team design a clear goal. It will also speed up the process by skipping many common questions. 

Put an in-house team together.

Which staff members are responsible for your site’s new security systems? Whether it’s the IT department, maintenance workers, a combination of the two or an entirely different team, you should assign specific roles before the consultation. This ensures that everyone is involved and important questions will be asked and critical matters discussed.

Have questions ready.

With the help of your assembled in-house team, create a list of questions for the security integrator. Ask about installation time and what support will be needed during that period. Ask about the vendor’s ability to provide support after the deployment, including maintenance plans and remote monitoring. And of course, the decision makers should be ready to ask about cost, although a reputable integrator should be upfront with those costs regardless.

These are the most important steps to take when preparing for a consultation on building security. New York facilities that would like to schedule a complimentary security consultation can call POM Technologies.

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