How Peace of Mind Technologies Approaches Complete Construction Security

"Warning: Active Surveillance" sign posted with security cameras

Every construction project comes with risks. There is the risk of trespassing and vandalism, the risk of tool and supply theft, and the risk of workers operating dangerous machinery. That’s why whether it’s a new location build-out, a remodel, or an expansion, every construction site requires security to manage and mitigate these risks.

But because construction is temporary, we know that installing a truly comprehensive system may not always be feasible or cost effective. Fortunately, there’s a great solution that can expand upon any existing site security to protect the grounds, keep workers safe, and oversee all phases of a project.

Here’s how our security integrations firm, Peace of Mind Technologies (POM) keeps construction sites safe and secure:

Our all-in-one monitoring approach

For all construction sites, both big and small, we suggest installing our comprehensive remote video monitoring unit. It has a variety of features to cover multiple security needs in one install, including:

  • Surveillance for a 360 degree bird’s-eye view
  • Intelligent video analytics with motion sensing
  • Alarms and/or police style strobe lights

In addition, our unit provides the service of professional security agents to monitor live video feeds from a remote location. This is an invaluable solution from 6 PM to 6 AM, when workers are no longer present and a site is left vulnerable. During this time, our trained agents assess all onsite activity and take action if necessary. Agent responses include:

  • Triggering an alarm to deter crime/alert site managers
  • Verbally warning intruders through unit speakers
  • Dispatching law enforcement to the scene


One unit, numerous benefits

Our remote video monitoring unit is an ideal security solution for construction sites because of the many benefits it offers in one single unit. The benefits include:

Ease of installation and flexibility. Our unit is relatively easy to install, uninstall, and reinstall. This means a construction manager can quickly have one or more units installed strategically throughout a site and relocate those units later as the project progresses.

Crime detection and deterrence: A construction site is a hub for trespassing and theft during the late hours of the night, but our unit can detect and deter criminal activity to mitigate the damage. When intelligent video analytics pick up on unwanted activity, our agents are alerted immediately so that they can interfere before things escalate.

Fewer false alarms: No construction manager wants to wake up at 3 AM to an alarm indicating a potential issue at a site. And with remote video monitoring, no one has to. Our professional agents are available to verify whether or not a threat is actually present and respond accordingly. This means fewer false alarms and an immediate alert to authorities if necessary.

Evidence: Our unit records all events that take place at a construction site, which gives project managers the ability to pull video footage later. This is not only valuable if a crime occurs when no one is present, but also if an employee gets injured or makes a worker’s compensation claim.

Cost savings: Hiring onsite security guards is always beneficial, but not always affordable. Our unit is a cost-effective solution that can be used in place of additional security staff or can supplement an existing guard for an extra set of eyes on the property.

Our process

When a general contractor expresses interest in securing a construction project, we begin by requesting a site map and project plans. We then complete a walk-through with one of our engineers to survey the site. During this visit, we look at all entryways, the location of tools and supplies, and where employees will be working to determine how many units are needed and where those units should be installed.

Our team then works to draft a proposal based on the site’s specific needs. Once the contract is finalized and approved, we schedule a date to complete the install. During the course of the construction project, a manager may request to have the unit moved as things progress. We offer constant communication so that a customized request like this is accommodated quickly. Decommissioning the unit is timely as well.

Learn more today

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