How Private Schools Can Fight On-Campus Drug Use with Video Surveillance

Keep track of your students and deter dangerous behavior with smart technology

While national rates of drug use for high school students have declined, drug abuse still remains a major problem for educational institutions and their students. Approximately 20% of high school students reported doing some type of illegal drug in the last month, and 17% percent of students reported drinking alcohol, smoking, or using drugs during the school day.

The problem isn’t limited to public schools; in 2012, 54% of private school students reported that there were illegal drugs on their high school campus. So, how can schools keep their students safe and deter these irresponsible and dangerous activities on campus? Video surveillance can help.

A security vestibule with cameras can alert guards of drug use and keep out intruders

The human element is still there – having each student interact with a security guard when entering and exiting the school’s campus or main buildings can assist schools looking for signs of potential drug use. For example, if a student arrives at school or gets back from lunch with red eyes, dilated pupils, slurred speech, or other strange behaviors, a guard or school resource officer can notify administrators.

Meanwhile, a camera will record the interaction as evidence for administrators, parents, and other interested parties. And a series of recorded video interactions with an intoxicated-looking student over time can help administrators determine which students are at the highest risk for drug abuse and take measures to help them.

In addition, access control with a security vestibule can block unauthorized visitors bringing drugs or alcohol onto campus from doing so – and it will safely hold these trespassers for the authorities if they make the attempt.

Install cameras throughout your school’s campus

If many students drive to school and there’s a large parking lot onsite, it may also be useful to set up cameras in this area. Many students may sit in their cars during lunch or other school breaks to use drugs and avoid being seen. Additionally, students may sneak into unmonitored areas, such as gym or pool bathrooms, wooded or covered outdoor areas, or unused athletic facilities to engage in illegal activities, and video surveillance can identify these patterns.

In addition, “camera voice downs” give administrators the ability to do something about trespassers, even when security personnel are not present. Speakers in proximity to cameras enable a remote monitor to instruct intruders to leave an area and warn them that authorities will be contacted – providing a 24/7 presence in physically unmonitored areas.

Video analytics and intelligent video monitoring can act as a deterrent

Intelligent video monitoring and video analytics are some of the most powerful security technologies available in today’s market. With intelligent video monitoring, computer software can analyze and report suspicious patterns of activity among individuals – in this case, your students. Since most schools have hundreds, if not thousands of people walking through campus every day, it’s impossible to monitor everyone – but with intelligent video monitoring, you may not always have to.

One of the best features of video surveillance and intelligent monitoring is that they act as an excellent deterrent against on-campus drug use. If students can never tell the extent to which they’re under scrutiny, they’re much less likely to engage in dangerous behaviors – including drug use, bullying, and violence.

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