How Remote Monitoring and Access Control Can Multiply the Effectiveness of Your Security Team

Protect against a variety of threats by augmenting traditional security protocols

Cameras, alarms, and security guards have long been among the major elements of modern security systems, but they each have individual limitations. Guards can only be at one place at once, cameras aren’t effective unless they’re being watched, and alarms are only at their most effective when security forces understand the location and nature of any threats against the facility, school, or business they’re guarding. In addition, effective access control is limited to how many guards in specific locations are around to watch and open doors for authorized visitors.

However, new technology, including remote monitoring systems and access control, is helping to combat these limitations, multiplying the effectiveness of traditional measures and allowing smaller security teams to cover more ground and respond to threats faster than ever before. These technologies are changing the security industry for the better, and you may be able to implement them to improve your organization’s protection strategy.

Increase effectiveness 24/7 with your current manpower

One of the best things about remote monitoring is that allows your current security team on premises to do their jobs more effectively. They can keep track of more areas, control access to more entrances remotely, and even warn off intruders without having to be present. And if most of your security guards work during daytime business hours and it isn’t in the budget to hire a corresponding number of employees for the nighttime shift, remote monitoring can help fill this gap in your security and multiply the effectiveness of the night watch.

Multiply the effectiveness of your system by combining remote monitoring with intelligent video technology

Intelligent video software employs algorithms that look for patterns and signals of dangerous activity to detect potential threats to your property. Used judiciously, this technology can help organizations save time and money while keeping their property more secure. For example, it can be very difficult for one or two employees to watch every security video feed for an entire property at once, especially if they’re trying to monitor a very large property with tens or even hundreds of cameras.

When remote monitoring is combined with intelligent video analytics, security personnel can focus on the areas that need their attention the most instead of randomly scanning video feeds and hoping to spot suspicious activity before something bad happens.

Consider using remote monitoring to deter trespassers

Intelligent video monitoring can also be combined with loudspeakers and motion detectors to create a powerful deterrent for would-be threats. After intelligent video software or a motion detector alerts a guard to the presence of trespassers, they can remotely activate lights and speak through a loudspeaker system, ordering the offenders to leave the property immediately.

Remote monitoring, intelligent video analytics, and other technologies improve each year

One of the most exciting aspects of video analytics is that the software is getting ‘smarter’ every year – and today, some advanced software systems are being tested to analyze human body language for signs of aggression, with the intent of informing security forces of possibly dangerous individuals before any threats have been made or crimes have been committed. This technology is not fully mature, but it’s on its way to implementation.

No matter which measures you choose to employ to increase the effectiveness of your security forces, POM Technologies has your back. We understand that every organization is different – and facing unique threats, striving towards different goals, and achieving individual organizational needs requires a distinct security plan for every customer. Contact us today at 212.688.2767 or through our online formfor a free consultation to learn more about how we can make the latest in security technology work for you.