How Schools Can Use Telaeris to Improve Student Validation


Keeping students safe is a critical operation for educational establishments, which is why so many schools are implementing advanced, integrated systems to meet today’s security challenges.

One important feature of a school security system is access control and visitor management to help manage who comes and goes. Schools can implement processes to authorize guest visitors and issue students and staff personal identification badges to permit access during school hours. But despite their vast capabilities, these solutions of course have their limits.

Although identification badges do help control who’s on campus by giving the right people access, there isn’t typically any oversight in the process. It relies heavily on the assumption that all students have the right badges and are scanning in correctly. But what if a student forgets to scan that badge? Or what if the wrong person gets hold of a student’s badge and uses it to get inside?

How Telaeris can help

With Telaeris handheld readers, school officials can scan in and validate students as they enter the building, as opposed to relying on students to do it themselves at fixed locations. So how does this help?


By having a guard or other school official use a handheld badge reader, schools add the human element to access control technology. Capable of scanning any credential as students present their badges, guards can view names, photos, access privileges, and more on the screen of the device. Such a validation process allows guards to instantly verify whether the correct person is holding the credential and see if there are any notes of campus restriction. Additionally, the activities occurring on the device can report back to the access control system in real time via Wi-Fi or 4G LTE.


Unlike hardwired readers, Telaeris handheld readers can be easily used anywhere on campus. If a K-12 school needs younger students to come in at one entrance and older students to enter through another, the school won’t have to install or reinstall readers. Instead, the school can simply assign guards with handheld readers to designated areas for check in and access control. This kind of flexibility means student validation is always possible at any location, despite the circumstances.


The flexibility of handheld card readers is also valuable during emergency and drill mustering. As students exit the building and approach a safe area, guards can use readers as digital rosters to identify who is accounted for and who might still be in the building. And unlike a clipboard roster, any administrator can access the information in real-time from the screen of the device.

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