How to Create a Unified School Security Solution

How to Create a Unified School Security Solution

As any organizational leader knows, it’s easier to accomplish a goal when everyone is unified on how to achieve it. That principle extends to security goals, and certainly when it comes to goals of school security. New York schools need a unified approach when implementing a security plan; here are the steps to take.

Perform a risk assessment.

A security plan can only be developed after the security risks have been identified. What are the biggest potential risks to the safety of students and staff? Maybe it’s active shooters. Maybe it’s bomb threats. With vehicle attacks on the rise, that’s another risk to consider. An experienced integrator may be able to help identify more. 

Assign roles to staff.

An effective security plan combines technology, people and programs so that all are working together to protect a school campus. Departments that may be involved in the plan include risk and compliance, human resources, information technology – and of course, school security. Teachers should also play a part, as their input can be highly valuable while determining how best to protect students.

Identify starting point technologies.

Now it’s time to talk technology. Using the risk assessment as a guide, a knowledgeable security integrator can determine which electronic security solutions can secure the campus best. Part of creating a unified solution is choosing only one security vendor, as that ensures all the professionals are “on the same page” and all systems will properly integrate. As a starting point, those systems should include intrusion detection alarms; as a logical next step, they may include video surveillance that allows for real time viewing and can act as a third-party verification solution to establish emergencies. Some schools also choose to implement a remote video monitoring service, which acts as a patrol guard overnight, on weekends and during school vacations.

Consider more technologies.

Beyond that, management may wish to consider installing access control systems at all entries. Access control systems have long been used at corporate and government sites, and they are quickly becoming popular as solutions for school security. New York schools have used access control quite successfully; your integrator can explain how to effectively implement them across your campus. Additionally, a visitor management system can be used to grant entry to temporary occupants such as afterhours workers. The visitor management system ensures that entry is granted to these individuals only during a specified window of time.

As everyone knows, there’s an app for everything and that includes school security. One recommended app is Ruvna, which is designed to enable communication with all school staff and help teachers account for the whereabouts of students. Ruvna can be used as a discreet mass notification system during a school security threat, and allows staff to access classroom-level data during a shelter-in-place event without opening a single door.

Creating a unified school security solution is the responsibility of all school administrations. To speak with a security integrator that can help, contact POM Technologies.

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