How to Mitigate Private School Violence with Advanced Security Systems

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Combine established methods with new technologies for maximum safety impact

Violence in our schools is a pervasive problem. From tragedies involving weapons and the constant threat of a strangers on campus to violent bullying incidents before, during, and after school, the amount of threats children, teachers, and other school workers face is persistent.

In fact, a recent federal report said that during the year 2012, students ages 12-18 were the victims of approximately 1.3 million non-fatal crimes on U.S. school campuses. But there are techniques and new technologies your school can use to mitigate violence and increase safety on campus.

Use remote monitoring and access control systems to block unauthorized individuals from getting on campus

Before worrying about internal threats to your students, teachers, and staff, it’s a good idea to make sure that your school’s campus is safe from external ones. If your campus is based (or mostly based) in one large building, a secured entryway with a guard and/or remote video monitoring is an effective way to guard against unwanted intruders. With a secured vestibule, a visitor waits for ID access card confirmation while a camera records a video of the interaction. This stops unauthorized entry and it can effectively hold a threatening visitor until authorities arrive.

However, if your campus is more spread out, with multiple buildings and ungated areas, you will most likely have to take a more multifaceted approach to your school’s external security protocols. Either way, you should have a dedicated access control system – ideally one in which you can remotely lock and unlock entrances in order to ensure maximum safety.

It’s also smart to have a security camera recording each entry and exit in order to keep track of who’s inside your buildings – and provide evidence in case unwelcome individuals attempt to break-in or otherwise override your school’s security measures. And access control coupled with an attendance management system, which will provide immediate, customizable reports on who is in the building at any given time, provides both a method of stopping intruders and a way to account for all students and staff members in the event of an emergency.

Use intelligent video monitoring and video analytics to look for suspicious behavior patterns

Video analytics and intelligent video monitoring are becoming increasingly popular as a way to mitigate violence, trespassing, and other crimes, and they could be an effective way to shore up your school’s security. If the same group of unruly or threatening students are consistently engaging in violent or rowdy behavior – or if one or more unwelcome individuals are consistently loitering right outside your school’s gates, intelligent video software could detect these patterns and report them directly to school security officers and administrators.

If a pattern of crimes, such as theft or vandalism, has been occurring on campus, video analytics could provide your school the evidence it needs to discover the perpetrator, and the proof necessary to contact law enforcement. One of the best aspects of video analytics is that it’s getting more advanced each year. Though it’s still in the experimental stages and requires additional tests, recently-developed software may soon be able to examine an individual’s body language to predict signs of aggression before a crime even happens.

Motion detectors and video technology can give your school affordable, 24/7 security

If many incidents are occurring well before or well-after school hours – for example, vandalism or violence occurring late at night, as a result of students or other individuals sneaking onto campus property – a motion-detection system combined with remote video monitoring could be the best way to deal with these security risks. Instead of needing in-person security 24/7, a motion detection system alerts a guard in a separate location to potential threats. From there, the guard can monitor a live video stream of the area and use loudspeakers situated on the school’s property to deter any intruders.

Without a serious focus on your school’s security, you could be leaving your students, teachers, and staff open to a variety of dangers. From students with behavioral issues, disgruntled former staff members, or violent bullies to potential child abusers and even drug dealers, an integrated security system can help keep your campus safe from a multitude of internal and external threats.

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