How to Prepare for a Security Consultation

As security system integrators in New York and New Jersey, we know the importance of getting an expert opinion on a site before making decisions. That is why we offer a free onsite security consultation for all types of facilities: commercial buildings, schools, hospitals, hotels, museums, and more. These consultations give facilities across New York and New Jersey a valuable opportunity to express their current security challenges and learn about the many solutions that can help.

When you set up a consultation—whether it is with us or another vendor—you want to be sure to get the most out of it. This comes down to preparation. With some careful planning, you have the ability to turn an ordinary consultation into a successful partnership that will improve your site security and keep your staff safe.

Here are some of our best recommendations to prepare for an upcoming security consultation:

Tips to prepare for an upcoming security consultation

1. Plan ahead with the vendor

The first step you can take towards a successful consultation is to confirm a time that works for both your team and your vendor’s team. This means clearing any meetings or events that could potentially conflict with or interrupt the meeting time. You must also prepare for a thorough walk-through of your facility, especially if this is a first-time consultation. Make sure ahead of time that every area of your site will be accessible on the day of. And if possible, provide the vendor with a floor plan of your business that indicates entries, exits, stairwells, and other areas of concern.

2. Put an in-house team together

Establish which members of your staff have specific interest in or responsibility for your site’s security measures, including facilities and IT personnel. Doing so will allow you to provide your vendor with the right names, roles, and familiarity levels regarding security. This will enable both your company team and your vendor’s team to be on the same page during the consultation as far as who is in charge of what.

3. Prep your team

Meet with your team prior to the consultation to review current security measures, equipment, protocols, and network configurations. During this time, it is critical to discuss any potential weaknesses, threats, or gaps in your security plan that you would like to address with your vendor. After this prep meeting, you should fully understand your site’s current challenges and be able to identify an ideal timeline for implementing solutions. Communicate this information to your vendor prior to the consultation for an efficient consultation with clearly defined goals.

4. Develop key questions

With the help of your security team, create a list of questions you have for the vendor. Remember, the onsite consultation is just as much of a chance for you to get to know the vendor as it is for the vendor to get to know you. Key concerns to consider include proper insurance, future support, installation time, services, and of course, cost.

5. Familiarize yourself with the vendor

If the vendor sends any reading material or resources prior to the consultation, use it to your advantage. This kind of material will not only help you learn more about the company and its solutions, but it will also help your team generate additional questions that could make or break the deal. And if the vendor does not supply information ahead of time, do not be afraid to ask. Request material such as testimonials, case studies, and product information to learn more.

6. Use a confidentiality agreement

In order to have an open and honest discussion about the nature of your business and your security concerns, use a confidentiality agreement prior to any extended consultation. This prohibits the vendor from discussing your business or security with others, regardless of the meeting outcome.

Peace of mind matters 

At the end of the day, it is your peace of mind that matters, and an integrated security solution can help you achieve it. You should feel comfortable with the vendor you choose to work with, as well as the choices and decisions you make as part of a security partnership.

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