How To Start Security System Design Before Choosing An Integrator

If you’re thinking about implementing new security technology in your facility, enlisting the insight of professional security consultants is likely your first inclination.

These security specialists assess real world threats against current levels of protection. They use industry experience to design a security plan that ensures you protect your entire property in the most efficient way possible. Through a variety of audits and assessments, they uncover missed opportunities and help you leverage your facility’s security system as you never have.

But, how can you be sure you’re getting the right advice before purchasing a security design plan and involving the technology expertise of a security integrator?

Start by gathering some of the essential information yourself.

Conduct A Security Risk Assessment

If your facility suffers from weak security and you aren’t sure where to start with improvements, a risk or vulnerability assessment is usually a good place to begin.

By conducting a security risk assessment, you:

  • Identify which assets need to be protected, where those assets are located and what levels of protection currently exist
  • Determine the assets essential to maintaining business continuity
  • Identify existing and unanalyzed threats based on assets showing insufficient levels of protection
  • Characterize threats as they relate to business continuity efforts
  • Develop a list of countermeasures for potential threat scenarios

Use Security Needs To Determine Technology

There’s nothing worse than dealing with a technology integrator who reps technology ahead of addressing your current building security challenges. It’s highly unlikely that new security technology alone will solve security weaknesses. What you really need is the unbiased advice of someone who possesses a range of security technology knowledge to help you understand exactly how your specific site might leverage that technology to mitigate the risks uncovered in your security assessment.

Start by taking your security needs to an integrator or security company and having a conversation about what options are available to you in terms of technology.

Revise Your Security Policy Around Technology

Countermeasures need to support the protocols and procedures outlined in your security policy.

A revision of your policy should consist of:

  • Identifying points of entry, security objectives and barriers to success
  • Creating a new layout of your site with desired technology
  • Testing the new site layout with an imaginary run-through of how a new security system might support the updated protocols and procedures
  • Determining problems and solutions uncovered in the initial run-through
  • Revising your security policy accordingly and including new processes in day-to-day routines

Reassess Security Program Through Collaboration

Proper security technology planning and implementation is dependent on having the right security policy and program in place. Without them, your facility’s security system may fail to meet uptime and performance standards, which impacts business continuity.

In order to lay the foundation for the future of your organization, you need to gather together key stakeholders to take a critical look at your facility’s needs. At the end of the day, a revision of your security policy impacts your entire organization.

Want assistance assessing the strength of your current security system? Enlist the help of our security professionals.