How to Use Mass Notification

Mass Notification Systems and how they work

Picture this scenario: Someone suffers a medical emergency at the workplace, such as a heart attack or stroke. Although other employees were nearby, they had no efficient way to call for help and notify others on the premises. What technology would have been helpful in this situation? A mass notification system.

What Mass Notification Does

While most other security technology is designed to fend off external threats to a facility, the backbone of that facility’s communication infrastructure is mass notification. New York facilities need to have these communication systems in place, and not just for medical emergencies. Mass notification can also help facilities manage these additional events. Here are some other scenarios in which a mass notification system would play a major safety role.

Threatening Security Events

If a security breach has taken place and a potential perpetrator is on the premises, having mass notification integrated with the existing security technology can substantially lower the risks of the event. Mass notification can be integrated with the building blocks of institutional security: video surveillance, access control system and motion sensors. When this integration is in place, a single trigger can lock entryways, activate alarms and notify building occupants all at the same time. It’s an outstanding way to both streamline and upgrade the security of large commercial properties.

Types of Mass Notification Systems

In addition to systems that notify via speakers throughout a property, there are systems that deploy mass notifications to individuals on their personal or professional devices. Employees, clients, parents and other stakeholders can receive mass notifications in the form of phone calls, text messages, emails and other formats. Opt-ins can be set up easily and securely, and the benefits of being notified regarding important events – safety and otherwise – are innumerable.

Communication is one of the most valuable keys in a security strategy; rather than take a backseat to other security technology, it can work alongside other technology via seamless integration. All it takes is the right integrator to make this happen; to speak with an integrator that can accomplish the task, contact POM Technologies.

About POM Technologies

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