Core Solutions to a Comprehensive School Security System

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A quality education and a warm, welcoming atmosphere are things all parents value in a school for their children. But even more so, they want safety. Unfortunately, school violence is a real issue in today’s world that has instilled fear in not only parents, but in teachers, students and administrators as well. This is why it is so important for schools to address any potential threats head-on with an integrated security system. NYC schools can learn about and implement a variety of solutions, which include:

Active mapping alarm systems

There is no question about the importance of an alarm system in schools. When imposing danger is present, students, staff, and guests need a way to become aware. But it is even more valuable to have a mapping alarm system that can pinpoint exactly where the danger is inside the school. This would help administrators and law enforcement effectively address the cause of the alarm.

Lock-down systems

During scenarios where a shelter-in-place is safer than an evacuation, lock-down technology can be very useful. Administrators can use this system to lock down certain areas of the school, such as classrooms, from a central location. This could help delay an intruder or assailant from accessing places where students, teachers, and others are seeking safety.

Central control system

A central control system allows an administrator or security person to oversee multiple areas from multiple buildings at the same time through CCTV. In the event of an emergency, that person can assist authorities in identifying the whereabouts of a threat. 

Visitor management

Schools need to authorize and track every single individual who enters and exits the building. This can be achieved with a visitor management system. Some systems can even scan a person’s identification through government databases to identify criminals or sex offenders.

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Does your school need a customized security system in NYC?

Your school security system in NYC can create the safe environment your students need. At Peace of Mind Technologies, we are experts in installing and servicing even the most complex security systems. But more importantly, we make it a point to educate schools about the solutions for their unique challenges. Call us today to schedule a complimentary walk-through of your school.