What Are Some Core Security Monitoring Services?

Three security personnel monitoring camera activity

As labor costs increase, so do costs for security guard protection. This is a problem for many facility managers, as they’re often responsible for managing site security. But thanks to modern technology, security monitoring services in NYC are a great solution. These services can take the place of additional security guards and supplement existing ones, all without sacrificing safety.

The Services:

Remote video monitoring

One of the most effective security monitoring services for NYC businesses is remote video monitoring. This service provides intelligent camera analytics to detect unusual activity. It also provides real-time monitoring by a remote specialist that can interfere when necessary.

Remote video monitoring helps facility managers or business owners oversee operations, all while reducing false alarms and improving response.

Remote visitor management

To improve visitor management without hiring additional staff, facilities can use a service to control building access remotely. Remote visitor management uses a predetermined list to verify visitor credentials. And remote agents can further verify through a video feed of the entrance.

This kind of service ensures that authorized guests have easy access and that unauthorized guests cannot enter without approval.

Cloud-based storage

With all of this surveillance video footage and visitor management data, storage is critical. That’s why in addition to remote video monitoring and remote visitor management, cloud-based storage is a valuable solution for better security.

Storing data in the cloud gives facilities greater storage capacity so that critical information is available when needed.

where are some good security monitoring services NYC?

Learn more about security monitoring services in NYC and beyond

High level security comes down to making the right investments. Whether your facility is a commercial office, a school, or a multi-unit residential building, security monitoring services in NYC will offer an additional layer of protection.

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