Industry Veteran To Lead Cutting Edge Security Services Division, Oversee POM’s Cloud Technology Initiatives

NEW YORK- Peace of Mind (POM) Technologies cements its status among the top security technology companies in the country with today’s appointment of longtime security expert Seth Barcus to the newly created position of Vice President of Managed Services. Barcus’ responsibilities include growing and overseeing POM’s new managed services division, developing and implementing new products, advancing POM’s remote capabilities, generating new business and delivering his unmatched expertise to POM’s security offerings.

Barcus will report directly to POM President Jon Ecker.

“Seth is a great leader who brings a forward-thinking mentality and understands where the industry is going. He’s a visionary in the field and his knowledge of security technology is second to none,” said Ecker. “Having Seth on board ensures POM stays far ahead of the competition by offering our customers a whole new cache of services.”

Widely considered as having the best mixture of product and service offerings in the industry, hiring Barcus reinforces POM’s foothold in the marketplace.

“POM is a resource rich company with a plan for the future based on cutting edge technology and unparalleled customer service. There’s really no ceiling for what POM can accomplish within the security industry,” said Barcus. “The Managed Services division emphasizes being proactive instead of reactive, putting the client first and ensuring they always have the most up-to-date resources to keep their homes and businesses safe and secure. My appointment puts a face to that vision.”

Under Barcus, the Managed Services division will enhance POM’s already elite offerings, such as:

Visitor Management: Through CCTV, two-way audio and the ability to control doors remotely, POM’s 24-hour a day manned offsite video monitoring facility can assist visitors entering the building, manage package deliveries and increase overall safety for residential and commercial clients.

Managed Access Control: POM’s managed access control eases corporate security burdens while offering significant savings. Rather than administer business access card systems manually on site, a slow and often tedious process, POM offers round-the-clock, near instantaneous updates to the system, including issuing new access cards, controlling access, providing system reports and keeping employee security up to date.

Virtual Guard Tours: POM’s technology slashes corporate security budgets. Our Virtual Guard Tours offer a massive ROI for companies that usually have to rely on low wage, lightly trained, outsourced security officers. POM remotely monitors sites, running virtual guard tours set at client requested intervals. Virtual Guard Tours are more effective and provide better security, monitoring many cameras and areas at once to ensure the whole building is covered. Offsite Video Storage: POM’s cloud-based technology provides solutions in our third party, redundant server farm. This service keeps footage more secure, eliminating any possibility of internal vandalism, and reduces costs for POM clients. Video can be viewed 24/7 via any web browser.

Alarm Verification: Tied into POM’s video verification, we serve as your first responder when an alarm is tripped. We instantly video verify and stop false alarms, saving money on police, fire and personnel dispatch.

Prior to joining POM, Barcus was Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Best Alarms. One of the innovators in residential security in New York, Barcus created Cyberdoorman the first virtual doorman service, in 2003. The service uses the integration of CCTV, two-way audio and access control to allow access for visitors as well as provide package reception when residents are not at home. Packages are stored in closets in the lobbies of residential buildings throughout New York, NJ and Philadelphia. Barcus built the brand from the ground up and the company was monitoring nearly 100 buildings at the time of his departure.

About Peace of Mind Technologies, LLC (POM)

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POM offers a wide variety of security options, custom-tailored to each client, including video and audio intercom systems, door access control systems, digital surveillance systems, , IP cameras & telephone systems, biometrics systems, intelligent video technologies and a wide variety of managed services. For more information about POM and the services they offer, visit Media Contact: Justin Simon Strive Communications