Intercom Repair in NYC | Importance of an Up-to-Date School System

School intercom and camera security system

The new year has arrived. As a result, it’s the perfect time for schools to begin planning projects for the upcoming summer season. With students out for a few months during the summer, schools have the opportunity to make important security updates. For instance, intercom repair. If your NYC educational facility isn’t maintaining your intercom system, you could run into serious issues down the line. Here’s some information about why your school needs a functioning intercom system and what features that system should have:

Benefits of an intercom system for your school:

  • Routine communication platform for an entire campus or multiple buildings
  • Two-way voice communication between administrators and staff members
  • Ability to convey important information school-wide
  • Improved safety during emergency events such as fires and lock-downs
  • Advanced access control and visitor management

Your school’s intercom system should:

  • Have completely clear audio, despite any surrounding high volume levels
  • Integrate with other security technologies, such as surveillance cameras and access control, to further enhance security
  • Work seamlessly throughout the entire campus, functioning with multiple indoor and outdoor zones
  • Have built-in emergency settings, such as panic buttons and mass notification alerts, for urgent events like severe weather warnings, fire evacuations, intruder lock-downs, medical emergencies and more


who can help me with intercom repair in nyc?

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In conclusion, intercom systems are a key component of school security. How confident are you in your intercom system? Is it working efficiently? Does it have the potential to do more? At Peace of Mind Technologies, we can answer all of your questions about school intercom systems. Our experienced security specialists will make sure that you understand how your school security system is functioning and help you fill any gaps in your plan. Contact us today to learn more!