Is it Worth It for Your Business to Make the Switch to IP Surveillance Cameras?

Easier detection of criminal suspects and better performance in low-light conditions are among the many benefits of high megapixel security cams

If your business is using traditional analog or standard quality digital cameras, you could be missing out on the many security benefits high megapixel surveillance cameras have to offer. When it comes to surveillance, your cameras are only as good as what they can ‘see’ – and in many cases, one high quality, IP camera can effectively ‘see’ more than several standard-quality cameras. They have also become smaller, stronger, and smarter, and this increased efficiency can potentially offer you a huge return on investment and may be able to dramatically boost security preparedness.

IP cameras allow business owners and law enforcement to see details that can help detect suspects and protect people

Even in the best lighting, identifying suspects can often be a difficult, and imprecise process. This is even more the case if a suspect takes intentional measures to hide their face from security cameras or otherwise conceals their identity.

With the process of identifying suspects from video footage being so difficult, it’s essential to be able to see specific details – such as a car license plate or a tattoo, scar, or otherwise unique physical trait. In many cases, just one detail can make the difference between an image that could be hundreds of suspects and a nearly 100% positive ID of a criminal suspect. IP cameras not only create better images at the same distance when compared to SD cameras, they can also ‘see’ further, getting quality images from much longer distances and in much worse conditions compared with their SD counterparts.

IP cameras perform better in low-light conditions when businesses are most vulnerable

In nearly every situation, businesses, schools, and other organizations are more vulnerable to criminal activity at night. Criminals often make use of low-light situations to avoid being seen (both by security cameras and people) and to reduce the chance of being caught or apprehended during or after the period in which they commit a crime.

This means that you need every weapon in your arsenal to combat this kind of criminal activity – and when it comes to identifying suspects in low light conditions, high megapixel surveillance cameras have serious firepower. What may be just “fuzz” in an SD recoding may be an identifiable physical ID or an essential piece of evidence in high-definition footage.

In addition, seeing in low-light conditions can be vastly aided by cameras with Infrared or dynamic iris adjustment technology – the latter helps cameras to automatically vary the amount of light their iris accepts to avoid image problems from both low-light situations and issues that may occur as a result of glare from streetlights, sunset, sunrise, or flashlights.

Intelligent video monitoring and facial recognition systems perform better with IP footage

Intelligent video monitoring, which uses algorithms to detect suspicious activity, may be one of the most important security breakthroughs in recent security technology. While the technology is still relatively new, it’s already making organizations around the world significantly more secure by helping security personnel identify potential threats – often before a single crime has even occurred.

Additionally, intelligent video monitoring can act as a force multiplier, meaning that expanding organizations won’t always need to increase their security staff when they grow into a new space; they may simply need to make each employee more efficient and effective via technology. This technology performs significantly better on IP systems; the more information a monitoring program has to work with, the better they can do at identifying potential threats. So, when you buy high megapixel cameras, you’re not just investing in today, you’re also investing in a system that can handle the robust technical needs of tomorrow.

IP surveillance systems can provide business owners and law enforcement vital information while acting as an even greater deterrent

If your organization hasn’t yet made the switch to IP cameras, you may want to consider doing so. Falling prices, along with the many benefits, such as greater ability to identify faraway suspects, better performance in low-light conditions, and improved integration with intelligent video monitoring software, mean high megapixel cameras are quickly becoming the preferred surveillance tool for organizations.

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