Is Your Access Control Up To Par?

How restricted is access to various parts of your facility? Does your access control go beyond protecting your people to protecting assets and other organizational resources?  There are many forms of access control, and it’s no longer an option for your facility not to have an access control plan paired with the right technology. Ask yourself the questions below to see if your current technology is sufficient for promoting a safe and secure environment:

  • Do main entry and exit points have some form of access control? Forms of access control include the use of front-desk receptionists and visitor escorts, as well as checking personal forms of identification and issuing ID badges.
  • Are restricted access areas clearly defined through design, signs and the use of electronic security technology?
  • Are visitor and occupant entry and exit points properly distinguished?
  • Do you have a backup power supply in place to support system uptime?
  • How old is your current access control technology and what are the recent maintenance costs?

Depending on the answers to your questions, a lack of access control and proper deployment could be putting your facility at risk.

Set The Stage For Future Security Technology Integration

We’ve discussed the paradigm shift of networked security systems before, and you should be taking the steps to bring your building’s security system into the future.

Today’s security technology is:

  • Highly integrated
  • Scalable and compatible with other security technologies
  • Improving site-wide situational awareness and security

The first step to updating technology is inviting a security integrator to your site to aid you in addressing the answers to the access control questions above. An expansive site survey and assessment is conducted to help you evaluate the full scope of your security efforts beyond your current access control system. Rather than selling you brand new technology right away, the integrator should help you determine how much of your existing technology may be compatible with updated access control.

Secure Access In The Internet Of Everything Age

In the Internet Of Everything age, your technology requires the right level of protection to ensure your data remains safe and your security systems stay strong. Electronic access control stands to benefit hugely in this new age. IP-capable and wireless technologies extend to doors, card readers and locks. Yet connecting security technologies puts a heavier emphasis on protecting the devices themselves and the network they are connected through.

While there’s risk involved in integrating these technologies through your network, the advantages well outweigh them. An integrated access control system has the ability to improve the accuracy of your security efforts, the automation of security measures and the efficiency of current business operations.

Focusing On The ROI Of Access Control

Once you have secure, electronic access control in place, what’s next?

Outdated ID badges and cards with magnetic strips are being replaced by smart cards. These cards contain intelligent chips that provide a higher level of access control throughout your entire building. With smart cards, your security professionals can set access by user. Depending on the type of facility using smart cards, these cards may also double as cafeteria debit cards, employee identification cards, parking garage access cards and more.

Security integrators have a responsibility to not only help you update your access control, but also help you safeguard your people, property and facility assets. They take a strategic approach to stretching your security budget and setting up technology that maximizes safety, security and ROI.

After laying the foundation for future-proof security technology, learn more about maximizing your ROI even further by downloading Remote Monitoring: Why Your Security Force Needs Support.