Monitoring Employees with Remote Video Surveillance

Monitor your employees too with security video cameras

Employees are a critical asset for every organization – and yet, many employers find themselves in unfortunate circumstances involving employee liabilities. In order to mitigate these situations and reduce their overall occurrence, security integrators recommend investing in a managed service such as remote video surveillance. NYC employers should follow best practices when it comes to monitoring employees; with that in mind, here are some ways the service can best be utilized.

Use the service to track employee time.

Although supervisors may visually monitor employee time management practices, remote video surveillance can certainly assist in this endeavor. During work hours, remote video surveillance can watch over the floor; upon review, managers can use footage to assess how effectively employees are staying on task.

Watch over remote workspaces.

Remote workspaces are becoming more common on many business campuses. To ensure employees are not abusing this newfound autonomy, employers can leverage surveillance in remote workspaces and use what they find as business intelligence for future decision-making concerning workspace locations.  

Reduce liability in isolated areas.

Break rooms, private terraces and walking trails are all “fair game” areas for employee monitoring. Likewise, storage areas where inventory is kept should also be monitored. In these areas, utilizing remote video surveillance helps NYC employers reduce potentially liable behavior. That behavior can range from infractions such as time theft or supply theft, to more serious misconduct involving personal assaults.

Integrate surveillance with other technology.

When employee time theft is a concern, integrating video surveillance with the property’s access control system can be a valuable decision. Employers can use access control reports to evaluate employee start and stop times, and confirm their findings using the surveillance footage. This can be especially useful if early arrival or overtime is a concern.

Additional technology that can be integrated with video surveillance is a visitor management system. Among other advantages, this can assist employers in determining whether any visitors to the property are guests of employees – specifically, guests who are conducting excessive personal visits with those employees to drain them of their work time.

These are some of the ways that monitoring employees with remote video surveillance can best be utilized. To speak with a security integrator that provides this managed service, contact POM Technologies.

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