How Managed Services Can Augment On-Premises Staff

Remote monitoring can raise awareness, lower liability, and cut costs

Knowing a security guard is on duty is a reassuring thoughtthat human element looking out for your interests always adds peace of mind. On-site security guards have a number of benefits. First, they’re able to interact on personal level with any visitors or potential threats. Second, they can take first-hand action if an issue occurs. And the best personnel have the intuition and benefit of experience that can lead to qualified judgement.

They, are, however, only human – and can’t be everywhere at once. There are ways to augment your existing guard staff and enhance your security through a combination of the latest technology, human vigilance, and managed services.

The potential costs of a strictly on-premises model

Airtight security means looking at all potential risks. Despite their advantages, a security program relying solely on on-site guards involves some element of risk. The job can rely on decisions in the heat of the moment, and even the best security personnel could leave their employers open to liability.

Professional liability insurance is required for any business with on-site security. A visitor could be wrongfully detained by a guard or one may become too physical; in addition, a guard injured on the job could decide to sue their employer.

In addition, even the most diligent patrols can’t compete with a modern surveillance system. Strategically placed cameras (both in plain sight and covertly) provide an unblinking eye on the premises. A surveillance system is only truly effective if it is adequately monitored, however, and the cost of hiring sufficient on-premises staff to monitor feeds at all hours can be prohibitively expensive. In contrast, remote monitoring can keep an effective eye on surveillance feeds at a fraction of the cost of onsite personnel.

Remote monitoring – The perfect blend of human and machine

Remote monitoring makes use of the most up to date IP technology. A dedicated off-site security team can provide ongoing surveillance covering every key area of a property, at all times. If anything resembling a problem should arise, the incident can be authenticated or dismissed via video alarm verification. Both remote security staff and clients have real-time access to camera footage via desktop or mobile devices. Remote monitoring can also be used to archive and provide reliable footage, check the identification of visitors and staff, and get in touch with the proper authorities if their presence is required.

In addition, modern surveillance technology, including video analytics software, allows for calculated focus on key risk areas instead of simply cycling through camera feeds on a loop, looking for signs of trouble.

Successful security means capitalizing on your strengths and being realistic about your weaknesses. On-site guards have certain distinct advantages, but managed services can economically augment on-premises personnel and vastly improve security.

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