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Entertainment venues provide an enjoyable experience for all, but they are still a target for criminal activity. Therefore, it’s important to implement advanced security for any venue that holds special events, including entertainment, concert and stadium venues. Whether your venue needs an indoor or outdoor security system in NYC, using the right integration of technologies is key to keeping it safe.

The best systems for entertainment, concert and stadium security

The more people whose safety you need to manage, the more liability for your security team. As a result, if you manage venue security, you need to take the necessary steps to fully protect your guests and prevent crime. For instance, it’s critical to have technology that prevents unauthorized visitors from entering.

Above all, integrated entertainment venue security systems should facilitate a safe experience without interfering with events. The most efficient systems include:

ID Management

  • Provides photo ID badges for staff and security personnel
  • Grants or restricts access based on clearance level

Video Surveillance

  • Monitors visiting talent and loading crews as they enter the site and unload equipment
  • Supplements existing guard staff to ensure more ground is covered and restricted areas are being watched
  • Monitors all entrances and exits to oversee everyone coming and going


  • Provides site-wide communication
  • Alerts in the event of an emergency, such as a fire

Electronic Ticketing

  • Turnstiles can manage guest entry to provide efficient traffic flows
  • QR codes and digital-ticketing can filter guests


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Need an indoor or outdoor security system for your NYC venue?

In short, the safety and security of entertainment venues is of paramount importance. At POM Technologies, we focus on internal and external threats that could potentially pose a danger to your venue and its guests. Contact us today to learn more about how we can better protect you.