Threats to Your Outdoor Security System in NYC and How to Protect it

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An outdoor security system in NYC plays a crucial role in protecting businesses. But unfortunately, factors like weather, theft, and more could potentially damage your system and put your business at risk. Here are some ways to avoid damage and protect your outdoor security cameras:


Despite its advantages, Internet-connected technologies pose a threat that non-connected devices do not. While the odds of someone hacking your business cameras are small, a network IP camera is always susceptible to malicious attack. To improve your network security, you can continually change passwords, enable encryption, and update your firmware.

Theft and vandalism

An outdoor security system in NYC is usually somewhat accessible during after-hours, which means it’s susceptible to theft and vandalism. To avoid this criminal activity, there are a few things you can do. Mount cameras high, set up digital tripwires with video analytics, and make sure alarms are working. You can also implement a remote video monitoring service to proactively protect your site after-hours.

High or low temperatures

Extremely high or low temperatures can be problematic for your outdoor security cameras, especially if they weren’t designed to withstand extreme heat or cold. You can check outdoor security camera housing IP (ingress protection) rating to see its ability to withstand elements. You can also check your camera’s working temperature.

Fogging and condensation

Although cameras are usually sealed tight, there are times when they develop moisture and fog anyway. This obscures the image and interferes with visibility. To mitigate this, you can wipe the outer lens with microfiber and put silica gel inside of the housing case.


who offers the best outdoor security system NYC?

Get the best maintenance for your outdoor security system in NYC

Properly protecting and maintaining your outdoor security system in NYC will keep it efficient in years to come. At Peace of Mind Technologies, we aim to provide personalized security systems and services that ensure systems are always operating at their best. Contact us today for inquiries or browse our website to learn more about New York security.