Outdoor Security System | What to Consider When Getting a Security Camera

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Do you want to better protect and secure the premises of your business from all possible threats? Would you benefit from an extra set of eyes on your property watching out for suspicious activity? If so, an outdoor security system might be just what your site needs for better safety and security. 

One of the most important components of a comprehensive outdoor security system is surveillance. Here are some things you should consider before installing security cameras.

Are the cameras high resolution?

It’s important for a security camera to have a high resolution so that video and image quality is clear. If something happens at your business, high camera resolution makes it easier to identify who or what was involved.  Cameras should have 1080p resolution and be HD compatible. 

What are the viewing angles?

An issue as small as a blind spot can create a huge problem for businesses when critical footage is needed but not available. Criminals might recognize blind spots and take advantage of them, and even if they don’t, they can still get lucky anyway. It’s always best to use a wide-angle camera that covers a larger area.

Do the cameras have night vision?

Threats can take place both at night and during the day. But odds are that a criminal is going to make moves overnight, when the site is dark and building occupants are gone. It’s important to use night vision cameras with built-in infrared (IR) LEDs so night crime doesn’t go undetected. Night vision cameras will also ensure that video quality is clear.

Are the cameras wireless?

If you want a surveillance system with flexibility, as opposed to a basic, stationary system, wireless cameras are worth considering. Wired cameras are difficult to reposition once installed, which limits your ability to adjust angles, locations, and so on. With wireless cameras, you’re able to place and move cameras wherever you see fit, without having to worry about a connection. 

What are the beneficial features?

The size and scope of your site will determine which features are the most critical to the safety and monitoring of your business. For example, if your property is very big, you’ll want security cameras that have pan, tilt, and zoom control for wide area coverage. If you have concerns about rain, you’ll want to make sure cameras are weatherproof. 

who offers the best outdoor security system?

Get an outdoor security system for your business

As beneficial as an outdoor security system will be for your site, any old system won’t do the trick. Consult with a security firm to get a better understanding of the technologies that fit your needs. At Peace of Mind Technologies, we are the experts.   Call us today for an appointment or make an inquiry online.