4 Steps to a Better Outdoor Security System

where is a good outdoor security system?

Whether you’re in charge of securing a concert venue, a recreational field, or any other facility that is primarily outdoors, you need an integrated outdoor security system to protect it. But with so many security products and services out there today, it’s hard to filter through the noise. Fortunately, you can get a customized security system by consulting with a professional security systems integrator. Here’s what you can do to make sure you’ve found the right partner:

1. Determine needs internally

To best determine the ultimate goal(s) of your security efforts, you need to form an internal team. Work together to figure out what’s working, what’s not working, what breaches have taken place, what criminal activity has been stopped, and so on.

2. Communicate those needs with an integrator

Once you’ve determined needs internally, you can communicate those needs with a security integrator. Go over your current security measures and the technologies you think you want installed for better protection.

3. Have your integrator do an assessment of your site

During an onsite assessment, be sure to show your integrator each and every areas you aim to secure. In addition, point out every area that’s caused an issue in the past. This site assessment is when an integrator can determine whether you need surveillance, access control, intrusion detection, alarms, etc., as well as the manufacturers that might suit your site best.

4. Ask questions

There are many factors that go into a security installation, so it’s important that you and your security integrator are on the same page throughout every step of the process. Ask your integrator what the timeline for the installation will look like, if there will be customer support after the installation, and what the response time would be if a malfunction occurred.


where is the best outdoor security system?

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