Perimeter Protection for Better Building Security

Perimeter Protection for Better Building Security

The security of a facility is only as effective as the security around its perimeter. Before the people and assets inside can be protected, the borders around the wider property must be secured. Locking down the perimeters puts greater distance between potential threats and their targets, whether those threats are disgruntled ex-employees with violent intentions or malicious thieves intent on stealing assets.

There is technology designed to protect building perimeters and meet these threats head-on. They key is putting it in place before it is needed. Consider these options for securing perimeters when implementing building security in New York.

Low-Tech Solutions

Low-tech solutions are a good starting point. Fencing is an obvious choice; consider raising the height of fences to an unreachable stature, and furthering their security with razor wire. Now that vehicles have become a common terrorist weapon, any fencing that is installed should have a high K-rating. This rating is a measure of how much kinetic energy (speed + weight) the fencing can resist. Another barrier to vehicular weapons is the installation of bollards; these concrete pillars are ideal for protecting perimeters, and there are many different types to choose from.

Another low-tech security idea is creating natural barriers in the landscaping; for instance, thick boxwood hedges can be a surprisingly solid barrier around the perimeter of a building. If a body of water is nearby, this can make an excellent barrier to the facility as well. 

High-Tech Gates

Fencing may be low-tech, but the security of gates can be boosted by incorporating technology designed for perimeters. Even if a manned security booth is present at a gate to the facility, the gate can be electronically controlled with an access control system for better managed security. If there is no manned security booth at the gate, access control becomes even more necessary. Employees and other approved visitors can carry an access control credential, such as a card reader, that permits them entry at the swiping portal.

Visitor management solutions are another way to easily manage personnel and guest access passes beyond the perimeter. A digital photo system creates images for employee and visitor badges while logging the information in the database. These systems can be indexed in smart cards and the access control system.

Video Surveillance

When a video surveillance solution accompanies the access control implemented at the perimeter, the security force is instantly multiplied. A high-resolution camera system is recommended, as this can capture license plate numbers more effectively, in addition to capturing the facial features of the driver. If night entry is permitted, then low-light thermal cameras should also be considered.

Another possibility to consider is installing sensors around the perimeter, which can be integrated with the video surveillance system to more clearly identify a security event in real time. Combining these technologies is also useful for future verification of events, should internal authorities (or external law enforcement) require additional evidence.

Remote Video Monitoring

Another service, remote video monitoring, takes video surveillance one step further. This service assigns remote guards at the monitoring center to look for and analyze movement within a security camera’s field of view. If an organization does not have live guards at the facility perimeter, remote video monitoring can be an especially useful tool.

These are some of the ways managers can boost perimeter protection around a facility for more impermeable security. To learn more about any of these solutions for perimeter building security in New York, contact POM Technologies.

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