Plug-N-Play Security for Large Facilities

After years of working with the facility directors, property managers and developers who make up our NYC security company clientele, we know that the bigger a facility’s footprint is, the more it needs electronic security solutions that are “plug and play” – in other words, technology that users “don’t even have to think about” to use. Likewise, they want solutions that management can fund in a cost-effective way. With those things in mind, here are some ideas for plug and play technology that may benefit your large facility.

Wifi-Powered Access Control

The next generation of access control systems includes wifi locks with magnetic strikes. These are much easier to retrofit than previous access control systems – no more running wires from point A to point B, which resulted in higher installation costs. Instead, a tech simply replaces the door locking hardware and the new access control reader communicates with the wireless network to grant or deny access. Wifi-powered access control is the most current plug and play way to control traffic in a large facility.

Bluetooth Capability

Adding Bluetooth capability takes the potential of wifi locks and wireless locking systems one step further. When a user has their smartphone’s Bluetooth on, the door opens as he or she approaches – but only if they are an approved user. The administrators control the access for zones of the building, times of day and other specifications.

Safety Netting

In this context, a “safety net” is technology that enables the security company to monitor the health of the facility’s system and alerts the company if there is a need for maintenance. Here’s an example: At our New York City security company, clients who subscribe to the POM Advantage plan benefit from “Heartbeat Monitoring” technology, which monitors and assesses the health of all their systems’ IP connected devices. If a device is failing, we get an alert – and we immediately contact the facility.

If plug and play security technology is important to your facility, these are some of the ideas you may wish to incorporate. For more ideas, contact POM Technologies to schedule a complimentary security consultation.

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