Predictive Maintenance for Security Systems

Often, the mark of a professional is the ability to foresee what may go wrong in a specific application of the product. In electronic security, end users may not be able to predict what may go wrong with their systems; for that reason, it is critical that the integrator has the means to forecast any potential issues. One way this can be done is with a predictive maintenance solution, such as a 24/7 monitoring service.

Why Monitoring Matters, and What it Includes

Whether the system will be monitored for maintenance needs should be a question asked of all integrators being considered for a property’s security systems. New York institutions need to make this a priority because even the smallest hole in the system could lead to a potential security breach – and in applications such as education, healthcare and government, even a small security breach could have serious consequences.

Often, whether or not the system is being monitored can make the difference between a “smart” system and a standard one. A monitoring service plan will tell the integrator when any network device is down: a camera, a motion detector, an access control station or any components of the visitor management system. An integrator that offers a monitoring service is an integrator that understands how vital every part of an institutional security system is. No one part of the system is “more important” than another.

With an intelligent monitoring service, the integrator will know the moment a component of a visitor management system goes down so they can respond to the issue immediately – whether the response is implemented remotely, or by traveling to the client’s site to perform a repair.

How Routine Upgrades Factor In

Technology is never static – and when it comes to something as critical as an institutional security system, the newest technology is always the most reliable. Sometimes, a technology problem is as simple as upgrading some portion of the system’s foundation. With that in mind, a monitoring service should include routine upgrades as part of the package. Typically, upgrades to software and firmware do not require a technician to be dispatched to the client’s site; for that reason, remote software and firmware upgrades should be included for all service plans on security systems in New York.

Get Ahead of System Issues

When it comes to maintaining a security system at a property that services members of the public, predicting any issues that may arise is the site’s responsibility. It’s important to take advantage of predictive maintenance plans to tackle those issues head on, before they evolve into security breaches. To learn more about the type of maintenance your security system might need, contact POM for a complimentary consultation.

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